Saturday, August 1, 2009


Here's a wonderful mix that highlights Belinelli's brief stint as a Golden State Warrior. His minutes were scattered and extended playing time was rare, but whenever he stepped on the court, I was always drawn to his game - the way he handled the ball, the beautiful shooting stroke, his underrated passing, and his general flair for the game.

Belinelli will turn out better than most people think. He's worth more than a salary dump. It was obvious that the Warriors were not going to pick up his 4th year option, but rather than exercising patience, they 'settled' for a bad deal when they should have worked to raise his stock in pre-season up until the trade deadline. At worst he would be an expiring sitting at home waiting for a trade in Italy.

Colangello, who knows talent, was infatuated with Belinelli. D'Antoni coveted Belinelli the year he was drafted. Belinelli was the talk of the league after each of the past 2 Summer Leagues and prompted many to think the Warriors had a steal at No. 18. He proved that he belonged with his exciting play when given the opportunity start and log extended minutes. Belinelli was a fan favorite for a reason - he played basketball the right way - unselfish, intelligently, with flair, and with skill. I didn't see him as the 3rd SG in the rotation, I saw him as a versatile player that could help out at 3 positions (perhaps even our best passer).

We lost a guy, but we should have gotten more than cash and a bag of bones for him.

You will understand more when you see him play for Toronto next season.

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