Thursday, November 4, 2010


Check the statistical leaders here.

Trade value is at an all-time high, FWIW.

I'm an advocate for trading Monta because, in the long run, it's better for the team in terms of roster balance and working towards the construction of a true contender. Right now, he can get you a lot more in a trade than he could have last year. Monta is a premiere scorer and, so far, is focused on doing the other things that make up for being an undersized combo guard. But in the future, I see this as Curry's team - we should build around him and unfortunately, Monta isn't his ideal backcourt mate.

It's going to be a fun season to watch if he stays, but we could be so much more dangerous if we could turn Monta into a proto-typical SG with the Defensive mentality already in place. We need a bigger backcourt with a shut-down defender if we want to get far in the Playoffs. Iggy or bench depth + HIGH lottery pick would go a long way towards building a contender.

The only way I see a Monta/Curry backcourt working is if David Lee is replaced with a Josh Smith type talent who can defend the hell out of the paint when the guards blow past our backcourt. My ideal rosters would be:

PG: Curry
SG: Iguodala (a majority of his min. come from SG)
SF: Wright
PF: Lee
C: Biedrins


PG: Curry
SG: Ellis
SF: Wright
PF: Josh Smith
C: Biedrins

If the Warriors work towards building the roster models above while adding quality depth, they should go far into the playoffs. But then again, if Udoh surprises the hell out of everyone and becomes that defensive force at the 4, then we will be in great shape without having to deal Monta. Either way, I smell playoffs this year.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Cutting Aaron Miles was the easy choice. He didn't play well enough to warrant releasing Jeremy Lin with a guaranteed contract or bypassing Jeff Adrien for that matter. Miles was given extended minutes to prove himself worthy and he fell short.

Among rookies in EFF48M:
Jeff Adrien 4th = 34.5
Jeremy Lin 6th = 31.42

Aaron Miles EFF48M = 17.05

I know it's a small sample of minutes, but Lin shows enough promise not to get cut in favor of Miles. He's still adjusting as a 22 year old rookie coming into the league. 27 year old Miles has had the advantage of playing Pro for several years. Sure he may be better right now, but the upside for Lin is at least there. After adjusting to the speed and athleticism of the NBA players and improving his shot, who knows, Lin could turn out to be useful by mid-season. Practicing with Curry and Ellis everyday will help tremendously and from what I've heard, he's extremely coachable. The main things that could hold him back are the absence of a consistent jumper or reliable finish to make up for his lack of athleticism.

If he's struggling by the trade deadline and the Warriors are in the playoff hunt, I wouldn't hesitate to cut him in favor of a better true PG. Check the D-League and overseas. No doubt we could find someone worthwhile. But in the meantime, I'll be rooting for Lin (but not quite as hysterically as some new Warrior Fans might) to improve his game and make an impact on the Warriors.

Watch List:

Patrick Mills
Kyle Weaver
Earl Watson
Sergio Rodriquez
Chris Quinn
Bo McCalebb
Bobby Brown
Sundiata Gaines
Mustafa Shakur
Curtis Stinson
Will Conroy
Curtis Jerrells
Jeremy Pargo

Monday, October 18, 2010


The Warriors and Joe Lacob must purge the system to rid the organization of negative energy from the previous regime. Chris Cohan (out), Robert Rowell, Tom Abdenour, and Bob Fitzgerald all need to go away.

Louis Amundson is out for anywhere from 1 to 4 months according to this article. ENOUGH ALREADY!

I understand Abdenour didn't cause the injuries, but does he really NEED to be here? He had a nice, long run as the athletic trainer, but why not bring in someone new? Warriors don't seem to be stronger, healthier, or recover faster than other teams. In fact, they are quite the opposite - arguably the worst in the NBA.

If anything, just getting rid of him might bring the Warriors good luck, if you believe in that kind of stuff.

Great guy, but let's give someone else a chance. 23 years is long enough.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Oct. 27 - Houston Rockets
Oct. 29 - LA Clippers
Nov. 19 - New York Knicks
Dec. 10 - Miami Heat
Dec. 25 - Portland Trailblazers
Jan. 12 - LA Lakers
Jan. 21 - Sacramento Kings
Feb. 5 - Chicago Bulls
Feb. 13 - OKC Thunder
Feb. 22 - Boston Celtics
Mar. 11 - Orlando Magic
Mar. 27 - Washington Wizards
Apr. 6 - LA Lakers
Apr. 10 - Sacramento Kings

Complete Warriors 2010-2011 Schedule

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Recently, Kyle Weaver was released by the Oklahoma City Thunder. Although Weaver was often injured, when he did play, he proved to be a capable defensive-minded guard. At 6'6", he would make for a great addition to a defensively challenged backcourt of the Golden State Warriors. Not only would he be able to play point guard and shooting guard, but with his size he would be able to play some small forward to back up Dorell Wright and Reggie Williams. Weaver had a promising rookie season, shooting 46% fg and 34% 3pt in limited minutes. Due to injuries, his stats went down but he was able to shoot 37% from three point range. I believe Weaver is in under-valued target the Warriors should try to acquire. (Career Stats and Totals)

The Warriors opted to pick up free agent Jennero Pargo a few days before Weaver's release, giving the Warriors another option at point guard. I was not a fan of the acquisition, particularly because there are better options with more upside, but Pargo would be a good veteran presence to help the young backcourt develop.

Warriors Depth Chart:
PG: Curry / Lin / Pargo
SG: Ellis / Bell
SF: D. Wright / Williams / Radmanovic
PF: Lee / B. Wright
C: Biedrins / Gadzuric / Udoh

There are two more slots open on the roster, and it is clear that the Warriors still need a perimeter defender and another big man to shore up their frontcourt. The top priority would be to try and trade Charlie Bell's contract which runs into the 2012 season. This might be a difficult task considering his value, but it would open up more playing time for a better option in the backcourt, open another roster slot, and clear capspace for the upcoming offseasons. I would like to see Ellis and Bell paired together in a deal to bring in a star small forward or a shooting guard (Iguodala) that it's better suited to play alongside Stephon Curry.

If a deal cannot be reached, the second priority would be to add another big man. Tops on my list are:

1. Louis Amundson
2. Kyrylo Fesenko
3. Earl Barron
4. Chris Hunter

Anthony Tolliver would be a nice pickup, but I think a bigger, more physical big would be in order.

The third priority would be to add another perimeter defender like Kyle Weaver. I love his versatility, and his desire on the defensive end. He could be the designated stopper allowing Curry and Ellis to focus more on scoring instead of tiring out on the defensive side of the ball. Granted Weaver might have better options playing for a contender, but the Warriors would be a destination where Weaver can log in plenty of minutes. It would be nice to have one open slot during the season, but Weaver might be worth giving up that last spot if they can get him at a cheap price.

Monday, July 19, 2010


The trend of not matching free agent offers continues and the bench becomes more and more depleted. Watson is on the verge of signing with the Bulls and in return, the Warriors will get a future pick (2nd Rounder?) and a Trade Exception.

I'll miss Watson's knack for disrupting the passing lanes and clutch shooting down the stretch, but if he's being offered the rumored $10.2M over 3 Years deal, then I'd have to pass in order to preserve our cap flexibility for the coming off-seasons. Until we have solidified our starting lineup and are ready to make a serious playoff push, I think it's wise to steer clear of pricey, multi-year contracts for role players.

As a replacement, I'd go after Jeremy Lin. He's a more realistic target than Patty Mills since the deep pocketed Blazers will most likely match anything we can offer. I didn't know much about Lin's game, quite frankly, until I started doing more research recently after seeing him play very well in Las Vegas. He's exciting, pushes the tempo, has a high basketball IQ, can shoot the 3, is a good steals guy, plays good defense, and is fearless going to the rim. The crowd would love him and he already has a big Bay Area following because of his Asian American ethnicity and Palo Alto ties. He's a huge Warriors fan and his favorite player is Curry. Lin also says that playing for the Warriors would be a dream come true because he grew up a fan, so that's got to give the Warriors an edge in any bidding war. .

Right now, Dallas, the Lakers, and a few other teams have shown interest in signing Lin. With the departure of Watson, the Warriors could probably give him the most playing time and fulfill his childhood dream of playing for Golden State. Now that Morrow and Watson off the books, the Warriors shouldn't have any problems committing to whatever modest salary it would take to land him. So what are we waiting for.....GET LIN!!!!

Draft Express Scouting Report:

NCAA Weekly Performers, 12/18/09
December 18, 2009
Jonathan Givony

It’s not often that a player from the Ivy League conference is able to break through and establish himself as a legitimate NBA draft prospect, but that’s exactly what Jeremy Lin has done this season. Strong performances against UConn (in a narrow loss) and Boston College (a road win) have propelled him directly into the national spotlight, culminating in a feature story on last week.

Lin’s physical tools are less than ideal when compared with most NBA guard prospects, as he’s a 6-3 combo guard with a narrow, but strong frame that he’s absolutely made the most of, and a wingspan that appears to be below average. He has good, but not great athleticism, showing very nice quickness in the open floor and some solid leaping ability, but clearly isn’t the most explosive player around.

Offensively, Lin is an exceptionally efficient player, shooting 60% from inside the arc and 37% from outside it, while getting to the free throw line at a terrific rate—almost 10 times per-40 minutes pace adjusted. He is not what you would call a stellar ball-handler, but is excellent on the pick and roll and is very aggressive looking to get to the basket.

Although he plays mostly off the ball for Harvard, he is pretty much their main facilitator and clearly the player his teammates look to early and often. He executes his team’s plays extremely well and is highly unselfish, showing very nice court vision whipping crisp passes around the court confidently, always looking to make the simple, fundamental play. It would be nice to see Lin get a little more time at the point guard spot for Harvard, but based on what we can tell he seems to have very good instincts as a playmaker.

Lin's biggest weakness would clearly be his propensity for turnovers, he tends to get called an awful lot for traveling violations, and seems to struggle finishing around the rim in traffic. Lin’s left-hand is noticeably weaker, both creating shots and finishing them, and he generally has trouble in the half-court if he can’t beat his man initially with his very quick (and very long) first step.

As a shooter, Lin sports somewhat unorthodox mechanics, kicking his legs out violently and often fading away excessively on his pull-up jumpers, but is able to make up for that and then some with his innate shot-making ability. He doesn’t take all that many shots from behind the arc—a little over 3.5 per game over the past three years—but he makes the ones he takes at a pretty solid rate, even if there is clearly room for improvement.

One thing that Lin does do exceptionally well is fill up the stat-sheet in every way possible. Besides being a terrific (and extremely efficient) scorer, he generates a large amount of rebounds, assists, steals and blocks, and beyond the numbers seems to have nice toughness and a very good feel for anticipating plays and being around the ball.

Defensively, Lin is a pretty serious guy (as he is in all aspects of the game), but there may be some question marks about his potential here at the NBA level, as he lacks great size or length, and isn’t the strongest or most athletic guy in the world. This is something he will have to really work to dispel in private NBA workouts as he’s matched up with other top guard prospects in one on one, two on two and three on three situations.

Lin has a number of things going for him, and is clearly a prospect teams should take note of. His gaudy stats, strong intangibles and excellent basketball IQ will all work in his favor, but he still has plenty of work ahead of him if he’s to be drafted and/or make an NBA team. Strong showings against the likes of Georgetown, Seattle University and George Washington would surely help his cause, as would making the NCAA tournament, and accepting his invite to play at the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament, a place where he could really help his stock.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Polls have not been working properly lately. Seems that some of the votes were not counted and all new polls aren't registering votes. At any rate, here are the results of the last poll that closed.


C : 9 votes (32%)
B : 6 votes (21%)
D : 6 votes (21%)
F : 4 votes (14%)
A : 3 votes (10%)

Most readers that were able to cast a vote thought the draft deserved a 'C' grade. Obviously, with the wrist injury that will sideline our sole draft pick, Ekpe Udoh, until January, it will be tough to judge without having seen him play in the Summer League vs. NBA level competition. We'll have to wait and see how good he is but there are several drafted after him that excelled in Orlando and Las Vegas play.

Derrick Character
Greg Monroe
Daminon James
Paul George
Dominique Jones
Quincy Pondexter
Ed Davis
Larry Sanders

I voted that the Warriors receive a 'C' based on Udoh's college career and the fact that used the 2nd Round Pick as a way to ditch Maggette's bloated contract. It would have been nice to have been able to use it on Derrick Character, but you can't win them all. Udoh was a safe pick based on need, and one that most 'experts' thought was a stretch at #6. Safe and need based picks usually result in disappointment. So far, the trend continues.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


I was thrilled when the top player on my free agent wish list, Dorell Wright, was signed to a good deal. I envision that he would be a perfect fit to play in Don Nelson's system of skilled, versatile, athletic, multi-dimensional players who can do two or more of the following well: score, pass, rebound, and defend. Wright does all four, with passing being his weaker attribute and defending his strongest.

Current Depth Chart
PG: Curry / Watson
SG: Ellis / Bell
SF: Wright / Williams
PF: Lee / Wright / Radmanovic
C: Biedrins / Gadzuric / Udoh

If Biedrins can get healthy, the starting 5 looks pretty good, especially at PG with Stephen Curry and at PF with David Lee.

Ellis is one of the top scorers in the league, but it is imperative that he evolve into a more well-rounded player that contributes in other ways other than just scoring. Monta has shown flashes of good defense, but the desire is not there consistently. Steals come naturally, but all to often, his man gets past him and the bigs are forced to over-compensate for his poor defensive effort, leading to easy baskets or offensive rebounds. Although Monta is not quite a natural PG or willing passer, he adds value to his team by being a good rebounder for his position. As his game matures, I look forward to seeing all four aspects of his game to improve. He has the incredible physical gifts, he needs to take it to the next level with mental toughness and determination.

The SF position is still up for grabs, but my early leader is Dorell Wright. Reggie Williams may be more talented offensively, but as a role player, I believe Wright would be better served as one of the starting 5. His defense and rebounding at the SF position compensate for the lack of length in the backcourt and the suspect defense at PF. Williams would be the ideal 6th man because of his versatility and multi-faceted game. He'll be instant offense for the Warriors bench and has some ability to help initiate the offense and get the ball to others.

Being comfortable with the starting 5 and 6th man, it's time to address the depth that once was a particular strong suit just weeks ago before the Lee for Randolph, Turiaf, and Azubuike trade and the subsequent decision to not match the Nets' offer to Anthony Morrow.

Barring an outrageous offer for C.J. Watson, I think the Warriors should match when the time comes. He's an underrated playmaker one of our best stealers because of his knack to play the passing lanes. Watson will be able to backup both guard positions. If we lose him I would love to go after a true PG to take his place.

The bench of the front court consists of Brandan Wright, Radmanovic, Gadzuric, and Udoh. It would be unwise to think that Wright can be counted on to provide big, productive minutes for the PF spot off the bench due to his durability issues. Udoh is out until at least January, so that leaves the Warriors in bind at the PF/C position. The priority for GM Larry Riley should be to fill this void with free agents that fit the system. We need more defense and rebounding plus a big that can shoot from outside in order to open up the lanes for the guards.

With new ownership, the fans may be clamoring for a quick fix, big signing, or a big salary commitment that would do away with our salary cap flexibility for the next two offseasons, but I'm hoping that our new owner, Joseph Lacob, will exercise patience and not go after a mid-level talent that we will regret signing later. There are bigger fishes to be had in the offseason (especially in 2012) if we aim towards having cap space to sign a max salary player.

There are a few players I'd like to trade for, like Andre Iguodala, but if the Warriors can't get a player of his caliber and versatility, they should hang on to their expirings (Radmanovic and Gadzuric) and try to trade Charlie Bell and his overpriced 2 year deal in a package for cap relief. If Brandan Wright doesn't pan out and Bell is off the books, the Warriors will have immediate cap space to sign a max salary player next offseason.

For now, the Warriors should go after smaller fish on shorter, cheaper deals in order to keep their options open. There are 3 more roster spots available, but I expect the Warriors to fill two and leave the third for a mid to late season pick-up when the depth chart is revised due to injuries. First priority should be to add another big. Second would be to add another long, wing player capable of defending SG's and SF's.

Here is an updated list of targets for free agents that best fit the system, team need, and could be had at a reasonable price on a short contract. It's important to have veterans to teach the young ones the ropes, so even though they might not be as talented as the other available free agents, they trump them with their experience, character, and veteran savvy on the court.

01. Louis Amundson - PF/C (toughness, rebounding, defense, agility)
02. Kyrylo Fesenko - C (rebounding, defense, upside, has jump shot)
03. Damien Wilkins - SG/SF (point forward skills, defense, scorer, toughness)
04. Anthony Tolliver - PF (scoring, 3 pt range, rebounding)
05. Matt Barnes - SF/PF (toughness, 3 pt range, rebounding, defense)
06. James Singleton - SF/PF (toughness, defense, rebounding)
07. Chris Hunter - C (jump shot, size, rebounding, cheap)
08. Oleksiy Pecherov - PF/C (good shooting range, blocks, rebounding, skilled, cheap)
09. Ime Udoka - SF (defense, 3 pt range, toughness)
10. Rasual Butler - SF/SG (scorer, 3 pt range, long, athletic)
11. Keith Bogans - SG (defense, 3 pt range, toughness)
12. Devean George - SF (3 pt range, chemistry, defense)
13. Shavlik Randolph - PF (shooting, rebounding, cheap)

Land best available big man and best available wing player. Leave the 15th spot open to audition the next D-Leaguer find after the season starts.

Potential Depth Chart
PG: Curry / Watson
SG: Ellis / Bell / Wilkins
SF: D. Wright / Williams / Radmanovic
PF: Lee / B. Wright / Udoh
C: Biedrins / Amundson / Gadzuric

Thursday, July 15, 2010



Fire him : 49 (59%)
Coach final year : 15 (18%)
Coach, then move to GM : 11 (13%)
Move to GM : 7 (8%)

Votes so far: 82

Eerie timing for this poll to close on the exact same day that the Warriors change ownership. Joseph Lacob is a friend of Cohan and as been a season ticket holder for the past 10 years. He's an extremely intelligent individual who's witnessed first hand the Warriors' coaching carousel and may decide to stick with Nelson for the remaining year on his contract. With the exception of a few seasons where injuries devastated the roster and he had to shift into 'tank' mode, Nelson has had the most success as coach for the Golden State Warriors.

Had Ellison been named the new owner, Nelson would most likely be axed, but cooler heads may prevail and Lacob may decide that what's best for the team is that Nelson be allowed to see his vision through with the assembled talent built for his system. My guess is that Nelson will be coach at the start of the season. The master of Nellie-ball will coach his final NBA games as a Warrior, adding wins to his All-Time Coaching Victories record.

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In a major upset, the favorite for new owner of the Golden State Warriors, Larry Ellison, was out-bid by an ownership group head up by Joseph Lacob (primary) and Peter Guber (secondary). Ellison is not accustomed to losing when it comes to takeovers of this magnitude, but Lacob's Group was willing to pay the asking price of $450 million.

Although nearly everyone was rooting for Ellison to win the bidding war, his ego would not allow him to go above the price HE believed the Warriors were worth and let Chris Cohan win. $50 million is nothing to Ellison, the 6th richest person in the world. I'm disappointed that he was not willing to swallow his pride and do what all die-hard Warriors fans dreamed would happen - take over and use his fortunes to turn Golden State into the destination of choice for NBA players.

At any rate, it's good to know that Cohan is out and a group of well-financed owners are willing to shell out record amounts to grab the ownership reigns of a Warrior franchise that has been severely mismanaged for the past 15 years. Lacob is currently 10% owner of the Celtics (must sell now) and is a savvy venture capitalist and Stanford Grad who makes his home in the Bay Area.

Biographies from Press Release
Joe Lacob, Managing Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
Joe Lacob is a Managing Partner with Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, the world’s leading venture capital firm. Since 1987, Lacob has been closely involved with KPCB’s investments in over 50 life science companies, including the start-up or incubation of a dozen ventures with KPCB’s medical technology practice, which includes over 30 therapeutic and diagnostic medical device companies. Joe is also an active investing partner in KPCB’s Internet company initiative; he led the firm’s investment in and Sportsline. Most recently, Joe has focused on energy investments as part of KPCB’s growing initiative in the fields of Greentech and alternative energy. Investments include SunDrop Fuels, a solar-based fuels company and an incubation in novel geothermal energy. 
Lacob’s interest and experience in sports goes back two decades. In the 1990’s, he was the earliest institutional investor and helped build Sportsline, one of the pioneers in sports on the internet. Most recently, as part of the new Boston Celtics ownership group led by Wyc Grousbeck, Lacob earned a championship ring in 2008 when the Celtics won their 17th NBA title. In his position, Lacob served on the Celtic’s basketball committee that led their late decade turnaround. Lacob also was a primary investor and pioneer of women’s professional basketball, known as the American Basketball League (ABL). Lacob has been involved with Stanford basketball for over 25 years and is a fixture in his courtside seats at Maples Pavilion.
Lacob currently serves on the Board of Directors of two public companies, Align Technology and Orexigen, as well as several other privately-held companies including Ophthonix, NeuroPace, TherOx, Arresto Biosciences and TransMedics. 
Lacob is actively involved in industry organizations including the American Heart Association and the AHA Roundtable. He is also very involved at Stanford University, serving on advisory boards at the Medical Center, Business School and Athletic Department.
Joe received his Bachelor’s in Biological Sciences from the University of California at Irvine, his Master’s in Public Health from UCLA and his M.B.A. from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. 
Most importantly for Warrior’s fans, Lacob has supported his local franchise the last decade by being a season ticket holder.

Peter Guber, Mandalay Entertainment Group Chairman 
Peter Guber has been a force in the entertainment industry for over thirty years. As a producer, among the many films he brought to the screen are Rain Man, Batman, Flashdance, The Color Purple and Midnight Express. He has been Studio Chief at Columbia Pictures, Co-founder of Casablanca Record & FilmWorks, CEO of PolyGram and Chairman of the Board and CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment. 
In 1995, Guber and his partner Paul Schaeffer, who will also be an owner of the team, founded the Mandalay Entertainment Group, which over the years has financed, produced and distributed numerous motion pictures including Donnie Brasco, Enemy at the Gates, The Score, Seven Years in Tibet, Sleepy Hollow, television series and high-profile television movies. He also took a strategic ownership position in Dick Clark Productions whose media assets included the Golden Globes and The American Music Awards. 
Mandalay Sports Entertainment has become a national sports entertainment provider, owning and/or managing professional baseball franchises, sports marketing and venue management. Guber is a full professor at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. He speaks professionally at numerous global events, is a weekly on-camera entertainment and media analyst for Fox Business News, and the creator and co-host of the national tv shows, Shootout, and In the House for Starz/Encore and KNBC. 
Guber currently authored his third book TELL to WIN – Connect, Persuade and Triumph With the Hidden Power of Story, due out from Crown in March 2011, and the cover article for the Harvard Business Review and op-ed pieces for numerous papers including the New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle and Huffington Post.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Today is supposed to be the big day when the Golden State Warriors announce the winning bid for ownership of the franchise. The Warriors are widely considered an undervalued franchise in which the right ownership, direction, and leadership can catapult it to near the top of the NBA. The undying, loyal fan base is there. The large media market waiting to be tapped. The exciting brand of basketball is in place. The practice facilities and headquarters are built. All that is missing is an owner with the smarts, deep pockets, and dogged determination to win at all costs. Almost everyone is pulling for one man.....


If his name is announced as the winning bidder later tonight, I recommend the Warriors do the following:

1. Hire a new training staff - Tom Abdenour has had a long, productive career, but now is the time for change. Not sure if he's just bad luck or he just can't minimize injuries, but the Warriors have been among the most injured teams in the NBA during his tenure. Throughout the past 16 years of suck, Abdenour is one of the constants that play an integral role in the success or failure of the team. Let's turn the page on the ugly injury history and go in a different direction.

2. Allow Nelson to coach is final year. With the possible exception of Biedrins, all the rotation players are Nellie-approved type talent. I'd love to see his vision implemented another year. Stephen Curry is the true point guard that makes the system run smoothly. Monta Ellis is the unstoppable scorer. David Lee is an intelligent, ferocious rebounder that could score inside. The addition of Dorell Wright gives us an exciting, versatile player who is tailor made for Nellie-ball. Reggie Williams is a great scoring 6th man that can backup multiple positions. Andris Biedrins, Brandan Wright, and Ekpe Udoh (when healthy) will provide a mobile core of bigs that can compensate for the defensive lapses of the back court and below average defense of Lee.

3. Give Larry Riley another year as GM. Overall, I'm good with the moves he's consummated since taking control. Highlights include drafting Curry, dumping Jackson and Maggette's contract, signing Dorell Wright, finding exceptional D-League talent, and bringing in a proven, All-Star PF in Lee (though I don't like the contract). He has put the Warriors in position to get a max player (or near max) in the offseason of 2012 (sooner if he can dump Charlie Bell and trade Biedrins' contract). I hope he is smart enough to not blow it by signing an overpriced role player. If Kevin Pritchard, ex-GM for the Trailblazers, is available however, move over Riley and let him take over. I like his eye for talent and aggressiveness in deals. He'll be blessed with an unlimited budget again, and he's shown that he knows what to do with it for the most part.

Current financials with estimated contracts for David Lee and Dorell Wright

(click to enlarge image)

4. Fire Robert Rowell. When he tried to delve into basketball decisions (Stephen Jackson extension and most likely the Maggette panic signing), he failed miserably. Granted he managed to maintain profitability on such a perennially awful team, but he needs to be replaced with someone Ellison can trust will do a better job while erasing all traces of Cohan's right-hand man and the losing culture.

5. Sign Shawn Livingston at a reasonable price to replace C.J. Watson. He's a true PG with complimentary skills and traits that would bring more value and success to the team. He's a long defender perfect for causing deflections and judging by Livingston's late-season play last year on the Wizards, he looks like he is sufficiently recovered from his horrific knee injury. It's a risk, but the injury history may be what drives down his contract price, making him a realistic target with what little money is left from the MLE.

Warning: Explicit Lyrics

6. Sign another big man to add depth to our front court. Candidates include: Louis Amundson, Leon Powe, Sean Williams, John Brockman, Oleksiy Pecherov, and Anthony Tolliver.

Possible Depth Chart:
PG: Curry / Livingston
SG: Ellis / Bell
SF: Wright /  Williams
PF: Lee / Wright / Amundson
C: Biedrins / Gadzuric / Udoh

With these main moves, the Warriors will be a better team and will compete for a playoff spot. Manage the cap space wisely, and they will be on their way to contending. The combination of Ellison, an up-tempo style of play, loyal fan base, a trend toward winning, and California destination will turn the Warriors Franchise into a place that will attract big time free agents and players that want off of their current teams. The max cap space can finally mean something. When this happens, look out NBA, it's 'We Believe' x 10.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010


I can't say that I'm happy with this trade considering I'm a big Anthony Randolph fan, but I understand the motivation. It's a gamble to take the known, very good player in Lee over the unknown, potential star in Randolph, but the trade is starting to grow on me the more I think about it. We may get burned badly if Randolph turns out to be a star that can play both ways, but at least the Warriors get an All-Star in return, though at a fairly steep price. A detailed evaluation of the trade will be posted later, but for now, here is how the Warriors Financials look with Lee's estimated new contract of $80M over 6 years.

(click to enlarge graphic)

C.J. Watson and Morrow are restricted free agents, so their salaries are in flux. I would guess that they would match most deals for Morrow. As for Watson, they may let him go if the price is too high. It's also my hope that they are not done trading and that they will try to land a young star small forward that can defend - someone in the mold of Trevor Ariza or my dream acquisition, Andre Iguodala. If the Sixers love the newly drafted Evan Turner, they may be willing to trade Iguodala in order to cut payroll and gain cap flexibility.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


While wise teams that positioned themselves to have max cap space vie for the services of LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire, Dwayne Wade, etc, the Warriors are capped out and will likely settle for a modest addition to the roster. When I say modest, I mean MODEST. Teams are throwing money at players from the opening bell of free agency. Players like Drew Gooden, Darko Milicic, Amir Johnson, and Charlie Frye are cashing in with contracts that eclipse their perceived market value. The Warriors will just have to wait and see what happens, hope that no one throws an unbelievable offer at Anthony Morrow or C.J. Watson so that they can keep them, see who is left when the dust settles, and make a reasonable offer to add a quality piece to the roster.

As of now, there are 14 players under contract. The primary need is a starting quality SF, but the Warriors could use another backup point guard since the only 'true' point is Stephen Curry. At least six teams have shown interest in Morrow, so the need to replace him with another lights out shooter may be a possibility in a few weeks. But for now, Warriors should look for young, talented, athletic, character guys with versatility, and who are able to excel in two or more of the following areas: shooting, defending, rebounding, passing.

With big hefty expiring contracts in Radmanovic ($6.9M) and Gadzuric ($7.2M), the Warriors would be wise to hold on to them until a they expire so they have lots of cap space to pursue a star in 2011. If a deal for a star comes and it knocks them off their feet, by all means, do the deal, but be careful not to blow your future cap space on fools gold when we are no where near contending anyways. Because the Warriors are finally on the verge of fiscal cap health, I would not recommend using the Full Mid-Level Exception on anyone. Hold off until 2011 when fewer teams have money to spend and more favorable contract rules are in place.

Current Roster (my ideal depth chart)
PG: Curry / Watson / Bell
SG: Ellis / Williams / Morrow
SF: Randolph / Azubuike
PF: Wright / Udoh / Radmanovic
C: Biedrins / Turiaf / Gadzuric

Here are my favorite under-the-radar free agent targets based on what the Warriors need and on a shoestring budget....

1. Dorell Wright (UR) 24 y.o. - athletic, rebounds, shooter, nice fit for system
2. Shawn Livingston (UR) 24 y.o. - passes, perimeter defense
3. Patrick Mills (R) 21 y.o. - tempo pusher, true PG, scorer, upside
4. Linas Kleiza (R) 25 y.o. - tough, defender, shooter, rebounds
5. Dominic McGuire (R) 24 y.o. - athletic, rebounds, passes, nice fit for system
6. Javaris Crittenton (UR) 22 y.o. - passer, finisher, athletic
7. Sergio Rodriguez (UR) 23 y.o. - true PG, shooter, upside
8. Oleksiy Pecherov (UR) 24 y.o. - big that can shoot, rebounds, blocks
9. Anthony Tolliver (UR) 24 y.o. - shooter, good all-around skills

Other players that I'd like to target but are likely too expensive: R. Brewer, K. Lowry, T. Outlaw.

Considering the Warriors are so young and are in need of veteran leadership, they may simply go with a Devean George type player - one that won't demand playing time and will mentor the young players. Guys that come to mind:

Kurt Thomas
Anthony Carter
James Singleton
Keith Bogans
Joe Smith
Ime Udoka
Damien Wilkins
Juwan Howard
Rasual Butler

Monday, June 28, 2010


This was supposed to be the year where the Golden State Warriors would be able to get a franchise chip that would change their fortunes. Being decimated by injuries and having the third worst record late into the season, the perfect excuse to tank the remainder of the season was right there for the taking along with a top 3 pick. Don Nelson had other plans, however. Rather than winning and losing strategically to jostle for lottery position, the team went all out in an effort to get Coach Nelson the 'All-Time Wins Record.' As a result, the Warriors finished tied for the 4th worst record and less chances to remain in the top 3 to nab one of John Wall, Evan Turner, or Derrick Favors.

As luck would have it, the consensus evaluation of the draft class was that it was 5 deep, rounded off by Wesley Johnson and DeMarcus Cousins. Warriors ended up picking 6th. Such is the luck of a Cohan owned franchise. There were a couple of high upside picks like Al Farouq Aminu and Paul George, or skilled young bigs like Greg Monroe, but the Warriors opted to go for the 'safe', 'need' based pick. They selected Ekpe Udoh from Baylor - a 23 year old 'late-bloomer' who had a career year and lead his team to the Elite Eight before falling to the eventual NCAA champions, Duke. A majority of experts had Udoh pegged for a late lottery to mid-first round pick, but the Larry Riley and company were not able to trade down so that they could get their man and additional assets as well. They were stuck and had to 'reach' for Ekpe Udoh with the 6th overall selection.

If you could get past the fact that Udoh is already 23 years old (sat out a year after transferring from Michigan), one might be able to appreciate what he will bring to the Warriors. He's first and foremost known as an elite shot blocker (3.7 bpg). He's 6'-10" with a 7'-4.5" wingspan. He has great timing and the discipline to stay down until his man actually jumps, allowing him to stay out of foul trouble and in the game. He doesn't have elite athleticism, but he is quick and explosive enough to be a good post defender in the NBA. Udoh is agile enough to handle switches and to guard perimeter players at times.

Udoh is also a very good rebounder, good passer, has a developing face-up game with long range, and will perhaps be the Warriors best post scoring option come the opening of training camp. His work ethic and basketball IQ are strengths as well. He's known to be leader and a great addition to the locker room. Apparently, many scouts believe he still has significant upside despite his age.

The Ekpe Udoh pick might not be so bad afterall. When the pick was announced at the draft party in the Oracle Arena, the crowd expressed it's disapproval with load boos and groans. The consensus draft grade int the media is that the Warriors drafted poorly. Soon, Udoh will have his chance to win the fans and doubters over. We'll get our first real look verses NBA level competition in the Summerleague. Perhaps playing alongside a more talented cast will allow him to shine. In a system that could utilize his quickness and athleticism against the typical NBA bigs, Udoh may flourish as a valuable role player and possibly solid starter down the road. He's looking to get up to 250 lbs by training camp. With additional strength in his core and base, Udoh should be able to hold his own in the paint, even against average Centers.

Future Core
PG: Curry
SG: Ellis / Williams
SF: Randolph / Morrow
PF: Wright / Udoh
C: Biedrins / Turiaf

Ekpe Udoh

Birthday: 5/20/87
NBA Position: Power Forward
Class: Junior
Ht: 6-10
Wt: 237
Hometown: Edmond, OK
High School: Santa Fe
Team Site Profile

Scouting Reports
NBA Comparison: Jerome Moiso/Chris Gatling

Strengths: Skilled power forward with a long, lean frame. Has a 7'4 1/2 wingspan ... Nicknamed "The Nightmare" for his demonic shot blocking prowess (3.7 per game as junior) ... Views swatting shots as an art form - always taking proper angles, never leaving his feet until his opponent does, can block shots with either hand and keeps balls in play ... Tremendous offensive rebounder as a result of his length and quickness off the floor (3.6 off, 9.8 total) ... Exhibits solid agility on the perimeter, able to stay in front of quicker guards on pick and roll switches ... Moves his feet well and lateral quickness is much improved ... Has made dramatic developments in his offensive repertoire since his sophomore season at Michigan ... Much more aggressive looking to score (14 ppg) ... Shows the ability to face up opponents with his quick first step and new and improved ball handling skills ... His passing ability and court vision have been a revelation, often acting as a facilitator in Baylor's offense (2.7 ast) ... Reads double teams well and finds the open man. His post skills are on the incline exhibiting solid foot work and a series of quick moves ... Prefers a one power dribble jump hook. Has nice touch on his short range and mid-range jumper ... Has shown flashes of range this season knocking down 7 three pointers. Shooting form is near textbook ... Runs the floor very well for a big. His work ethic can be easily detected in his development as a player in a short period of time ... Has developed some face the basket skills, but will never be confused for being a small forward ...

Weaknesses: Despite improvements, still has a very raw offensive game ... Has the skills, but many subtleties are not yet second nature. Not smooth in the post, often looking uncomfortable and indecisive on what move to attempt ... What is his offensive game? Can do a variety of things, but has no real go to move ... Has struggled with turnovers problems, attempting low percentage passes and overdribbling (2.4 to) ... Needs to add weight and get stronger, especially in his lower body ... Has difficulty holding his ground on defense and maintaining interior position on offense ... Does not finish plays through contact ... Only attempted 4.5 free throws per game last season ... A solid run/jump athlete but lacks explosiveness. Effort on the defensive backboard can be questioned- lackadaisical on box out assignments quite frequently ... Does not play with a killer instinct and needs to get tougher ... Will turn 23 in May making his upside somewhat limited. Ability to add significant strength at this stage of his development is doubtful.

Adam Ganeles 4/7/10

Draft Express
April 6, 2010
Joseph Treutlein

After surprising many with his development early this season, Ekpe Udoh has held pace all year long to finish out an impressive junior season, putting himself firmly in lottery discussions as the NCAA season comes to a conclusion.

One of the most important players on a Baylor team that made a strong run to the Elite Eight, Udoh brings a variety of skills to the table as a player, most of which he developed while sitting out a redshirt season after transferring from Michigan. As the season has gone on, Udoh has grown more comfortable in Baylor’s offense, and really opened up his game, contributing in a variety of areas on both ends of the court.

Offensively, one thing we didn’t touch on when we profiled Udoh in December was his passing game, something that became more prominent for Baylor’s offense as the season went on. Udoh dished out an impressive 2.7 assists per game, operating mostly out of both the high and low post, showing good court vision and the ability to hit both cutters and shooters for open looks. He shows a good feel for the game in general, something that’s become more apparent as the game slowed down for him as the year went on.

In terms of scoring the ball, Udoh does most of his damage out of the post, where he shows a very high level of fluidity and coordination, along with the ability to turn off either shoulder, though he clearly prefers going off his left. He even shows decent ability with his less dominant left hand scoring the ball, going to hook shots and lay-ups when the situation calls for it. He has a surprisingly good command of counter moves in the post, and transitions very well from one move to another looking for a high percentage shot.

At the basket, Udoh leaves some points on the floor at times, as despite being a very good overall athlete due to his mobility, fluidity, and coordination, he isn’t the toughest, most explosive or reactive player, not always elevating with great ease around the rim, and seemingly shying away from contact at times. He isn’t the greatest off his second bounce and he doesn’t have the make-up to explode up and overpower his man, though looking at him, you get the sense his lower body strength probably isn’t maxed out, and this is something he could improve with the right training.

Udoh is also a potent threat out of isolation situations, being able to utilize everything out of the triple-threat position, be it taking his man off the dribble, shooting a mid-range jumper, or passing to an open man. Udoh’s isolation game is very intriguing, as he shows nice footwork, a good first step, and a nice variety of moves, while finishing at a decent rate at this level.

His mid-range is also a pretty reliable weapon already, as he hit a respectable 0.85 points per shot on his 111 jump shots this season according to Synergy, with a good deal of them coming off the dribble or out of the triple-threat, with a defender on him. He hit seven three-pointers on the season, but that’s clearly a bit out of his comfort zone, though he does have nice range to 20 feet. Udoh’s shot is probably a bit too reliant on his upper body, and there’s reason to believe with some tweaks this could become an even better weapon for him.

On the glass, Udoh shows great instincts and pursuits on the offensive end, pulling in an impressive 3.6 offensive rebounds per game, frequently being right in the middle of the action around the rim, though his lack of a great second bounce doesn’t allow him to be the strongest finisher on putbacks.

Defensively, Udoh does a solid job on the glass, but could be a bit more aggressive in boxing out and doing some of the little things, something he’ll need to do to stay an above average defensive rebounder in the pros. He lacks some awareness at times on the glass and doesn’t appear to be the most contact loving big man around, getting outmuscled by stronger players and not always fighting back as much as you’d hope.

Udoh can do some impressive things on the defensive end, though, showing outstanding timing with his shot blocking and using his length very well. He’s a great shot blocker both in man-to-man situations in the post and coming over from the weakside, showing pretty good rotational awareness and doing a good job in general in Baylor’s zone.

As a man-to-man defender, Udoh plays to his strengths very well in the post, keeping his arms outstretched to force his man into tough shots, while also doing a good job moving his feet. He doesn’t have the greatest leverage, and is prone to being backed down by stronger opponents, but again, he probably can improve his lower body strength some.

On the perimeter, Udoh was rarely tested this season, and when he was, it was on switches with guards as opposed to going up against the stretch fours he’ll see in the NBA. Regardless, he looks out of sorts in his man-to-man stance on the perimeter, though his tools suggest he should be able to become at least adequate in this regard if he puts in the work to develop his fundamentals as he sees the situation more frequently.

Looking forward, Udoh is an intriguing prospect who looks likely to be drafted somewhere in the 10-20 range. He brings clear NBA skills to the table with his defense, shot-blocking, offensive rebounding, and developing post game, while also showing developing skills in multiple areas. That said, while the learning curve he’s shown over the last two years is very impressive, he will be 23 years old by the time the draft comes around, so teams may have mixed feelings on how much more potential he has, particularly from a physical standpoint.

Situational Statistics: This Year’s Power Forward Crop
June 14, 2010
Ekpe Udoh has developed into a highly versatile prospect in the past few seasons, but his situational efficiency still makes him look raw on paper.

Udoh’s 15.3 possessions per-game rank him above average in terms of usage, but his 0.885 PPP ranks him as the third least efficient player in our sample overall. Aside from his lack of efficiency, Udoh is a unique player in terms of where his shots come from. He’s able to step out to the midrange and make an impact while also displaying the length and fluidity to get to the rim.

Udoh ranks 5th in our sample in both jump shots per-game (3.4) and spot-up PPP at 1.08. He also used an impressive 14.1% of his offensive possessions in isolation situations, which would have ranked him right around average amongst small forwards. Udoh’s 0.831 points-per possession in isolation situations would have ranked him 8th amongst small forwards, and is a prime example of what he can bring to the table at the next level as a mismatch threat.

Some of Udoh’s overall inefficiency stems from the fact that he was often the one creating his own shots in Baylor’s offense and didn’t finish at a high rate. Nearly 54% of his offense came off post ups, isolations, or offensive rebounds, which is certainly impressive, but his 53.3% shooting in finishing situations is well below average. Udoh’s lack of physical strength, especially in his lower body, and average explosiveness, remain a concern moving forward. Udoh should benefit from having to shoulder less of a shot creating burden for himself in the future, but he still has a lot of room to add polish at age 23.

ESPN Draft Profile
Projection Lottery
Long, lanky shot blocker
Above average rebounder, especially on the offfensive glass
Good athlete with solid leaping ability
Improving offensive player
Has a solid midrange game
Can even shoot the three in limited circumstances
Still a little raw offensively
Needs to improve basketball IQ
Needs to get stronger
Needs to improve lateral quickness

May 27 Update: (In Chad Ford's Mock Draft 3.0, Udoh went No. 14 to the Rockets) Udoh is the type of long, shot-blocking forward who should find a comfortable home in Houston. While he's a bit older than the rest of the class and doesn't have elite athleticism, he's still improving -- one of the few older players in the draft with any real upside left. Patrick Patterson and Hassan Whiteside are other possibilities here.

Draft Report: Ekpe Udoh Of Baylor

By: Christopher Reina Writer

June 2, 2010 1:08 AM
Over the course of the past few months, I've seen a lot of Ekpe Udoh and I still can't decide what kind of NBA player he will become. I don't typically waver, trusting first impressions above anything else. My projection range on him goes from good locker room guy who can give about a dozen decent minutes of defense off the bench to a purely complementary starter on a team that has loaded with skilled players at the other positions, particularly center.

He had a great block rate both at Michigan in 07-08 and after his transfer to Baylor this past year, blocking 3.7 blocks in 35.1 minutes per game. He is an older prospect and should be able to make an impact defensively immediately.

Udoh's most unique ability to block shots is he has excellent innate timing instincts. He doesn't get easily baited on pump fakes and he will get up quickly and get up long once the shooter commits.

Udoh played the back middle slot in Baylor's 2-3 zone frequently, which makes defense less challenging for shotblocker, but he is by no means merely an off-ball shotblocker. He seems to be especially skilled at blocking the shot on-ball of players in the post, something he numerously did against Duke in the Elite 8.

Udoh also exhibits good toughness taking charges, an indicator of his blue collar approach to the game that also is palpable after talking to him for just a few minutes.

When defending perimeter shooters, his balance trying to block shoots looks painfully bad. He also hasn't really been tested in game situations to defend the pick and roll when he will be required to switch onto guards that will look to exploit any deficiencies in his lateral quickness.

His combination of wing span, natural instinct and desire, however, forecast Udoh becoming well above average defensively.

On the offensive end, Udoh has the look and feel of a feast or famine case. He seems to look more agile offensive with the ball in his hands and becomes a smooth player when he gets into space. Udoh is by no means a natural scorer, but he does posses some soft touch around the bucket when he does have space. He also will use the glass when the situation calls for it.

He is somewhat surprisingly skilled at going from a spin move into a shot, but his basic footwork with the pivot is still very rudimentary. He has good natural instincts and is fairly effective overall in the post when he keep things basic. Overall, the low post offensive is a bit of a rollercoaster for Udoh.

Moving out to the mid-post, Udoh seems to be more comfortable than in the low-post. He has some nice pre-dribble moves there, whether it is a ball fake or jab step. His rise over defenders in the mid-post is particularly impressive and he will use his height well here, as he also does in the low post.

As a jump shooter, Udoh is infinitely more effective when he gets clean looks. When contested, Udoh is categorically not a good jump shooter. His range will extend to about 15 feet and he has clearly demonstrated the ability to improve this facet of his game, evidenced by how substantially his free throw percentage improved out of his transfer year. He is not incapable of making college three-pointers, but it is a last resort type of attempt at best.

Fighting for post position isn't something Udoh was really asked to do much considering his role in the offense, but he did do a consistently good job of sealing his defender in transition to post up in early offense, something that is too rare for players of all ages and abilities.

While his offensive game will decidedly be a work in progress and will require his team to be especially strong in player development to enhance his natural abilities and strong work ethic, rebounding will be another instant area of contribution.

Udoh has a great motor, which is frequently the most important asset to have, but he also has that great reach and excellent anticipation of where the ball is going before it goes there. He is particularly gifted as an offensive rebounder, where it is doubly difficult to board at a high clip. He lacks some touch on his put backs off offensive boards, which would make scoring exponentially easier on him. His inability to be an efficient scorer in this specific area of his game on the college level could be a preview of even worse struggles in the NBA. For players with his skill set, put backs are the easiest way to score after the open lob.

In the NBA, Udoh's offensive boards will probably be more apt to rest the offense than lead to easy buckets for himself.

Looking for All-Star upside alone, Udoh won't infatuate anybody, but there is enough remnant potential to expect something above a mere specialized rotation contributor.


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DeMarcus Cousins - 33 votes (47%)
Wesley Johnson - 19 votes (27%)
Greg Monroe - 8 votes (11%)
Al-Farouq Aminu - 7 votes (10%)
Cole Aldrich - 2 votes (2%)

Votes so far: 69

Turns out the Warriors drafted Ekpe Udoh with the top two vote getters off the board. Monroe was a fan favorite choice at the Oracle and Aminu was intriguing because of his upside. Udoh was a draft sleeper that lots of GM's and mock draft creators had go lower (late lottery to mid-first) mainly because he was a late blooming 23 year old with questionable upside. He has good overall skills and specializes in defense and rebounding.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


June 5
Hassan Whiteside - C, 7-0, 227, 20, Marshall
Ekpe Udoh - PF, 6-10, 237, 23, Baylor
Gordon Hayward - SF, 6-8, 211, 20, Butler
Marquis Blakely - PF, 6-6, 225, 21, Vermont
Jahmar Young - SG, 6-5, 180, Jr, New Mexico State
Mike Roll - SG, 6-5, 200, Sr, UCLA

June 6
Ryan Richards - PF, 7-0, 230, 19, England
Cole Aldrich - C, 6-10, 236, 21, Kansas
Aubrey Coleman - SG, 6-3, 200, 22, Houston
J.T. Tiller - SG, 6-3, 200, Sr, Missouri
Dominique Jones - SG, 6-5, 216, 21, South Florida
Lance Stephenson - SG, 6-6, 227, 19, Cincinnati

June 7
Al-Farouq Aminu - SF, 6-9, 215, 19, Wake Forest
Marquis Gilstrap - SF, 6-6, 210, 22, Iowa State
Xavier Henry - SG, 6-7, 210, 19, Kansas
Damion James - SF, 6-8, 227, 22, Texas
Landon Milbourne - SF, 6-7, 205, Sr, Maryland
Patrick Patterson - PF, 6-9, 240, 21, Kentucky

Anticipated Workouts

June 18
Derrick Caracter - PF, 6-10, 280, 22, UTEP
Luke Harandody - PF, 6-7, 240, 22, Notre Dame
Landry Fields - SF, 6-7, 210, 21, Stanford
Dior Lowhorn - SF, 6-7, 230, Sr, San Francisco
A.J. Slaughter - SG, 6-3, 180, 22, Western Kentucky
Jeremy Wise - PG, 6-2, 165, 23, NBDL

DeMarcus Cousins
Greg Monroe
Group Workout in Minnesota

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This article about Nate Robinson needing to get away from the losing Knicks culture got me thinking. Are the Warriors going to pick players that continue to 'fit' well with the existing bunch - guys with great work ethics and high characters? Will they stay away from players with too many red flags such as DeMarcus Cousins? The Anthony Randolph trade talk and recent player acquisitions might suggest that the Warriors are moving in that direction. Mental and Emotional characteristics may be just as important as talent and physical gifts when it comes to building a team that will be able to gel and player better as a cohesive unit (see Houston Rockets).

Curry (22) - Mr. Perfect
Morrow (24) - gym rat, lots of limitations on game
Randolph (20) - gym rat with maturity/chemistry issues
Williams (23) - hungry D-Leaguer, good locker room guy?
Tolliver (25) - hungry D-Leaguer good locker room guy
Biedrins (24) - good character guy, locker room presence
Turiaf (27) - great locker room presence
Watson (26) - Mr. Nice guy
Azubuike (26) - injured gym rat
Maggette (30) - gym rat, not a winner, self-centered, good guy off the court
Wright (22) - Mr. Nice guy, fragile
Ellis (24) - gym rat, immature, self-centered, not a good role model

I could see the Warriors trading Randolph to get back Kevin Love and Wesley Johnson, both high character guys. I might do it if we keep our pick and draft Cole Aldrich or Greg Monroe, but I love Randolph's mean steak and scary upside. We need a guy like him on the team.

Here's to hoping Wesley Johnson drops to us at #6. By all accounts, he's a great teammate and a hard worker. Curry thinks that he'll end up being the best pro out of the draft class, so why not?

PG: Curry / Watson / ?
SG: Ellis / Morrow / Williams
SF: Johnson / Maggette / Azubuike
PF: Randolph / Wright / Tolliver
C: Biedrins / Turiaf / FA

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Here's a sneak peek at some of the new logo for the Golden State Warriors. It pays tribute the classic and much loved 'the City' logo by replacing the Golden Gate Bridge silhouette with the newly designed Bay Bridge span. The inherent dynamic nature of the new bridge is enhanced by the off-centered, slightly angled silhouette framed within the circles. The subtle variations in line width add further interest and evoke a sense of movement and speed. Along with 'the City' design inspiration, the colors were carried over from the update retro uniforms - golden yellow and royal blue.

The font is simple, strong, and classic. It's a welcomed departure from the over-designed, sophomoric logo featuring the mascot, Thunder, and his lightning bolt. Overall, I think the Warriors did an excellent job with this new branding; just in time for a new era in ownership. I consider it one of the best in the NBA. Well done, Golden State Warriors!

I can't wait to see the new uniforms, which will be officially unveiled at the Draft Party on June 24.

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