Friday, May 28, 2010


Birthday: 5/2/90
NBA Position: Small Forward
Class: Sophomore
Ht: 6-9
Wt: 214

I'll be honest, I haven't seen him play much other than in highlight videos, but judging by his stats and detailed scouting reports, he sounds like a chucker with the upside to be among the best SF's in the draft class IF he commits to it. George looks like he has a good feel for the game, but the mental part and the desire to be great could be lacking. He's young and you can chalk up some of his laziness, poor shot selection, and high turnover rate to immaturity. But at age 20, that excuse doesn't fly for some. George's saving grace is his sweet stroke, seemingly effortless game, ideal size for his position, versatility, and good athleticism. That's a lot to fall in love with.

It was interesting that he shot a very good 47% his freshman year, but plummeted to 42% his sophomore year, due mostly to his infatuation with the 3 point shot, undisciplined shot selection, and being the main focus of opposing defenses. On the other hand, the fact that his free throw shooting rocketed from 69.7% to impressive 90.9% shows that he could improve his game immensely if he commits to putting in the work.

Psychological test are very important if you're going to draft a guy like George this high in the draft. Will they clash with the coach or teammates? Will their bad habits/demeanor poison the team culture? Do they have the work ethic to reach their full potential? Are we looking at the next Tracy McGrady, Rudy Gay, Travis Outlaw, Wilson Chandler, or the next Gerald Green? You could probably rule out the latter because he was able to play fairly well at the collegiate level. But, I have my doubts he will be a star even remotely close to McGrady's level. Stars of his magnitude dominate their competition on every level. George has not done so, even in the weak WAC conference.

How does he fit with the Warriors?

The Warriors' biggest needs are rebounding, scoring in the post, and perimeter defense. Unfortunately, these three attributes don't come to mind when discussing Paul George. He provides additional scoring with his range and ability to drive and finish. He also has the potential to develop into a solid defender because of his good length and quickness, but if he can be an upgrade over Maggette, Azubuike, or whoever is starting at SF, he may be worth grabbing. George would give the Warriors another player that has the ability to play multiple positions and excel in a run-and-gun system. He will have to be beat out Wesley Johnson and Al-Faroqu Aminu, should they be available when the Warriors pick.

Scouting Reports

Draft Express
Fresno State Bulldogs


Tuesday, May 25, 2010


From long ago (Poll close April 10) ....

Who do you draft with the #1 Pick?
John Wall = 16 votes (61%)
Evan Turner = 10 votes (38%)

Who do you draft if Turner and Wall are off the boards?
DeMarcus Cousins = 12 votes (36%)
Derrick Favors = 10 votes (30%)
Wesley Johnson = 4 votes (12%)
Hassan Whiteside = 4 votes (12%)
Greg Monroe = 3 votes (9%)
Al-Farouq Aminu = 0 votes (0%)

Friday, May 21, 2010


With the cursed Warriors dropping from the 4th spot to the 6th in the NBA Draft Lottery, it's time to crank out yet another mock draft. Team ownership is slated to change hands this offseason, but Don Nelson and Larry Riley are still calling the shots on who to draft until the sale is final. I anticipate that they will continue to act as if they will stay, at the very least, hope to impress the new owners by making yet another wise selection or trade right before the sale.

The up-tempo style of play is the identity of the Warriors. The fans love it as well as the players, but for it to be successful, defense needs to be a priority moving forward. As the roster stands, they could use an upgrade at SF and an additional big man that could bang with the NBA's low post beasts both on the offensive and defensive ends.

I would keep Tolliver because he has clearly shown he belongs in the league (particularly in this system). He can rebound, spread the floor with his shooting, and create mismatches. Tolliver is an asset

Current Roster
PG: Curry / Watson
SG: Ellis / Morrow / Williams
SF: Maggette / Azubuike / Radmanovic
PF: Randolph / Wright / Tolliver
C: Biedrins / Turiaf

There is plenty of depth at the wing position, but the is no clear star at SF that the Warriors can call a core piece to solidify the starting 5. Other than Azubuike, who is undersized playing at SF, there are no good defenders and rebounders in the bunch. If Randolph or Wright can develop a consistent midrange jumper, that could be the answer to that problem, but most likely, that may never come to fruition.

Biedrins took a major step backwards this past season, but it was mostly due to a nagging abdominal injury. His agility and energy was adversely affected and it hurt his game both mentally and physically. I look for him to rebound back into form once healthy giving the Warriors a very good tandem at C with Turiaf as his main back-up. Nonetheless, it would be in the best interest of the Warriors to add another big that can score in the paint with greater ease and slow down the more talented centers in the league. Chris Hunter was marginal at times, but represents the kind of player the Warriors need. A 'rich-man's' Hunter would be ideal.

With those two needs identified, on to the Mock Draft.

01. Wizards - John Wall
02. 76ers - Evan Turner
03. Nets - Derrick Favors
04. Timberwolves - Wesley Johnson
05. Kings - DeMarcus Cousins
06. Warriors - Al-Farouq Aminu
07. Pistons - Cole Aldrich
08. Clippers - Greg Monroe
09. Jazz - Ekpe Udoh
10. Pacers - Luke Babbitt
11. Hornets - Paul George
12. Grizzlies - Ed Davis
13. Raptors - Daniel Orton
14. Rockets - Eric Bledsoe
15. Bucks - Hassan Whiteside
16. Timberwolves - Xavier Henry
17. Bulls - Donatas Motiejunas
18. Heat - Patrick Patterson
19. Celtics - Gordon Hayward
20. Spurs - Avery Bradley
21. Thunder - Damion James
22. Trailblazers - Craig Brackins
23. Timberwolves - James Anderson
24. Hawks - Willie Warren
25. Grizzlies - Larry Sanders
26. Thunder - Solomon Alabi
27. Nets - Quincy Pondexter
28. Grizzlies - Kevin Seraphin
29. Magic - Devin Ebanks
30. Wizards - Stanley Robinson