Monday, January 23, 2012


My initial feelings of how the Warriors are a different team are being put to the test. After a good start showing strong fight and improved defense, they have dropped some close, winnable games. Currently at 5-10, they are now at a critical stretch where the next home-stand consisting of 9 of 11 at Oracle will likely determine the postseason fate. In order to keep pace with the 8th seed hopefuls, they will need to win at least 7 of the 11 to remain relevant.

If the Warriors fail to even win half, I'm afraid it may be time to call off the dogs and allow Curry to rest and develop the youngsters (Thompson, Udoh, Tyler, Jenkins). In what looks to be a very strong draft, it's important for them to position themselves in the standings so that they can end up with a Top-7 pick. The Utah Jazz will get the pick if it is 8th or higher.

Although I'm sick and tired of losing, I'm also a realist...and the reality is, this team needs a serious infusion of talent, and this draft is a great one to get that player. Curry's gimpy ankles and the loss of Kwame Brown for essentially the entire year are valid excuses for a lost season. That should quiet the fans that don't understand the importance of this draft class. Play hard, learn the system, develop chemistry, but do just enough to not mess up your draft lottery chances.

The significance of these next block of games cannot be denied.

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