Monday, May 30, 2011


Since the last Big Board, the lottery positions have been determined and the NBA Combine has taken place. After watching much of the Combine coverage online, checking out interviews and measurements, and doing additional research on players that intrigued me, here is the latest list of players I'd like the Warriors to bring in to workouts and do further scouting. I've omitted some of the top point guards (Irving, Knight, Walker) because I feel they either will go prior to the Warriors selection or due to current make-up of the Warriors, they there would be better fits available.

  1. Enes Kanter : excellent combo of size, skill, and power, all-star potential
  2. Derrick Williams : well-rounded, NBA-ready, versatile, all-star potential
  3. Bismack Biyombo : best defensive prospect, big upside, valuable weapon if develops consistent mid-range, elite defensive potential
  4. Jan Vesely: exciting high flyer, proven productivity vs. tough competition, developing 3 point threat
  5. Jonas Valanciunas: agile big man, plays with energy, solid rebounder and shot-blocker, Biedrins with more skill
  6. Alec Burks : Dwayne Wade lite, needs to work hard on jump shot, prototypical SG size, excellent finisher, rebounds well, good passer, intangibles, needs to add strength
  7. Kawhi Leonard : energy and incredible motor, rebounds well, great defensive potential, developing offensive player, good work ethic, can disappear in games
  8. Tobias Harris: well-rounded, good ball handling, good shooter, versatile, 18 years old, high character, high BBIQ, gym rat, projected to be solid but not a star
  9. Jeremy Tyler : size, athleticism, former no. 1 ranking for his class, natural shot blocker and strong rebounder, needs to prove professionalism and work ethic issues behind him, gamble
  10. Chris Singleton: defensive stopper, athletic, can guard 4 positions, improving 3 point shot, raw on offense, not a strong rebounder
  11. Donatas Motiejunas: skilled big man, fairly athletic, good passer, needs to add strength and work on defense, high BBIQ, not a good rebounder
  12. Tyler Honeycutt: good defender, long and athletic, high BBIQ, good shooter, decent handles, can play SG/SF, inconsistent, needs to get stronger
  13. Tristan Thompson: garbage man specialist, offensive boards, long and athletic, blocks shots, currently has troubles on defensive glass, needs to work on post offense
  14. Klay Thompson: big time scorer, quick release, good size, plays SG/SF, good passer, high BBIQ, good pedigree, lacks lateral quickness, could be defensive liability
  15. Marshon Brooks: uncanny similarities to Kobe Bryant's game, big-time scorer, good finisher, threat to score from anywhere on court, good rebounder, good athlete, dominates the ball
  16. Marcus Morris: versatile SF/PF, good mid-range shooter, can score in the post, short wing-span
  17. Jimmer Fredette: big-time scorer, very high BBIQ, leader, deep range, aggressive, defense questionable, not a great athlete, could be considered more SG than PG
  18. Lucas Nogueira: athletic big, great shot blocker and rebounder, very thin, raw on offense


  1. Jonas Valanciunas is a joke.

  2. Valanciunas is widely regarded as among the top Euros in this draft and top centers overall. What makes him intriguing is his agility and intensity on the court. At 19 years old, he has a lot of upside to go with his length and athleticism. He's a solid rebounder and shot blocker with a nice touch around the basket.

    In a class short on potential starters, he's one of the guys that has a great shot at making an impact on the team - thing is, the team that drafts him will have to commit to his development and show patience as he matures and gets stronger. Another stumbling block may be a large contract buyout, but even with those factors, he is still a lottery lock.