Sunday, February 12, 2012


With about a third of the season complete, it's becoming increasingly obvious to everyone that the core is severely flawed. I've been pointing this out for quite some time and I hope the front office finally has the guts to make a big move - namely trading Monta Ellis for whatever they can get.

Flaw Rankings
1. Lack of complimentary front court mate for David Lee
2. Small backcourt a defensive liability
3. Potential star in Stephen Curry being stunted by Monta Ellis' game
4. No true proven point guard on the roster
5. No exceptional talent with two-way ability (offensive and defensive dominance)
6. A front office-by-committee that cannot get itself to commit to a rebuild

The remedies to these flaws can be easily addressed by eliminating whoever is holding back the front office from making big trades from the decision process and committing to moving forward with an eye towards the future, not short term, marginal improvement. If by the end of Wednesday's match-up with the Trail Blazers, they do not have a record of 12-14 or better, they should pivot from an all-out push to the playoffs to insuring that they retain their 2012 draft pick (top-7 protected) at all costs. This could mean playing the prospects (Thompson, Tyler, Jenkins, and Chris Wright) big minutes, resting Curry and his gimpy ankle every other game, and playing Biedrins lots of minutes to pump up his trade value if he does well or contribute to losses if he doesn't.

The biggest remedy to the flaws is to use Ellis as trade bait to get draft picks, veteran help in the front court, expiring deals, underrated prospects or some combination of all four. This move is a must, whether they have a pulse when it comes to the playoffs race or not. The front office should not overvalue Monta and demand equal value back, they should accept the best offer in order to move forward with a proper re-build of the Golden State Warriors.

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