Thursday, March 8, 2012


My guess is Lacob is scared to death of missing the playoffs again next year.

That's why he's hanging on to Monta barring a trade for equal value. He wants to keep the status quo and add a free agent Big, like Kaman or Kwame again this offseason. Lacob will not settle for a step backward until he gives the fans a taste of the playoffs first. What he doesn't realize is that the longer he delays a change, the more time is wasted muddling in mediocrity and STRUGGLING just to make the playoffs. The current formula has proven not to work (undersized backcourt + Lee) and it needs to be reworked. Even if you shore up the Center and Small Forward positions with players who can defend and rebound, there is still no guarantee that the Warriors will make the playoffs. Sticking with the status quo and making a few tweaks is not going to help you build this team into a contender.

Contrary to what Lacob may think, I think losing Monta will actually make the Warriors better regardless of who they get back in return. The ball will move more, offense will be more free-flowing, defense will improve, player growth will accelerate, and a more team oriented brand of basketball will be played. Look at what Lin was able to do playing alongside a bunch of scrubs and Chandler. It's not always about talent, but how the pieces fit together.

Trade Monta for any combination of a mid/late 1st Round pick, young big man prospect, expirings, Biedrins dump, or impact big man. There is no excuse for NOT making a deal. The fans are tired of the same old approach and are dying for a new direction. Not making a trade will be a big blow to the fan's confidence in the Front Offices' ability to do their job. Get what you can from Orlando, a contender looking to add scoring, or a team with room to take on his contract. Do not dismiss a deal just because you aren't getting an All-Star talent back in return. Reality is that you will be lucky to find a team that will value Monta as much as the Warriors Front Office does.

Trade Monta Now.

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  1. Great trade...looking forward to watching Bogut next year.