Friday, July 6, 2012


The lackluster track record on former Warrior free agents going to other teams will likely help us get a good price on Brandon Rush (RFA) and Dominic McGuire.

Teams have gotten burned on lower tier free agents like Kelenna Azubuike, Anthony Morrow, Reggie Williams, C.J. Watson, Anthony Toliver, etc. Word is out that it's the Warriors' system that makes mediocre players look very good and that paying them based on what they did at Golden State could be a bad investment.

Rush and McGuire haven't established themselves in the league prior to coming here, so I could see GM's reluctant to bet that they would continue or improve on their career years at Golden State. At to the casual observer who has not followed the Warriors closely, their statistics don't seem to warrant big money. The Warriors are doing the right thing by playing it cool while other teams throw crazy money at more highly regarded free agents.

These seem like reasonable deals:
Rush for $3.5M (made $3.0M last season)
McGuire for $1.9M (made $0.9M last season)
Uzoh for $0.7M (made $0.2M last season)

Luxury tax avoided.

PG: Curry / Uzoh / Jenkins
SG: Thompson / Rush / Wright
SF: Barnes / McGuire / Jefferson
PF: Lee / Green / Tyler
C: Bogut / Ezeli / Biedrins

Wright at SG might seem like a stretch, but he's shown that he can guard that position. This roster looks very good and even our 3rd team could hold their own against some opposing 2nd teams.

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