Sunday, July 7, 2013


The Warriors maneuvered like crazy to land Andre Iguodala and sign him using cap space alone. However, if they could get the Denver Nuggets to agree to a Sign-and-Trade using the trade exceptions generated from the great salary dump to Utah Jazz, the Warriors would have a ton more flexibility and firepower when it comes to acquiring and paying free agents.

With a Sign-and-Trade, the Warriors gain the Non-Taxpayer's Mid-Level Exception and a Bi-Annual Exception. But since they are not signing Iguodala via trade but instead with cap space generated by the salary dump, they are considered under the cap of $58.5 million and ineligible to receive the aforementioned exceptions of $5.150 million and $2.016 million.

The Warriors currently have only the 'Room Mid-Level Exception' and Vet Minimum Salaries to offer free agents since no Sign-and-Trade agreement with Denver has been reached.

Room MLE = $2.575 million

Minimum Salary
0 Years = $.490 million
1 Year = $.789 million
2 Years = $.884 million
3 Years = $.916 million
4 Years = $.948 million
5 Years = $1.027 million
6 Years = $1.107 million
7 Years = $1.186 million
8 Years = $1.266 million
9 Years = $1.272 million
10+ Years = $1.400 million

Bracing for the worst and assuming no Sign-and-Trade brings the Warriors any of the bigger Exceptions, this is how I would spend the money to fill out the roster...

Waive the non-guaranteed contracts of Scott Machado, Dwayne Jones, and Kevin Murphy (acquired from Jazz).
Stash Nedovic overseas for the 2013-14 season.

PG: Curry
SG: Thompson / Bazemore
SF: Iguodala / Barnes
PF: Lee / Green
C: Bogut / Ezeli

Sign Brandan Wright to 2-year contract (2nd year player option) using with Room MLE ($2.575M starting salary)

Sign Nate Robinson to 2-year contract (2nd year player option) using veterans minimum ($1.27M starting salary)

Sign Jermaine O'Neal to 1 year contract using veterans minimum ($1.4M)

Sign Austin Daye to 2-year contract (2nd year player option) using veterans minimum ($.948M starting salary)

Updated Roster (with 2 open slot)

PG: Curry / Robinson
SG: Thompson / Bazemore
SF: Iguodala / Barnes / Daye
PF: Lee / Wright / Green
C: Bogut / O'Neal / Ezeli

One of the open slots can be filled with a 3rd PG like Charles Jenkins. The last slot can be left open to fill as needed once the season progresses.

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