Thursday, June 4, 2009


I have a feeling my first choice, Jrue Holiday will be gone by the 7th pick. Time for a backup plan - Brandon Jennings.

I know it's a highlight mix but the things you see in the video (apart from the shooting) are things that are established parts of his game: ball-handling, creativity, passing, quickness, explosiveness, steals, and a true point guard's mentality. I believe he got a better education on how to play the right way in Europe. Jennings got humbled, man-handled, and was forced to grow up quickly and he handled himself as well as anyone ever expected (he even donated $50K to the Earthquake relief fund). The last few games he played were shown on NBA TV and he looked much improved from what I've been reading when he first arrived in Europe. That's a great sign with regards to his coachability.

He's only 19 and his offense will get better. He has good mechanics and can get his shot anytime he wants. Nellie commands respect, so he's the kind of coach that can continue to break his bad habits and instill efficient and effective play.

Jenning's speed and court vision will greatly benefit the Warriors style of play. All the tools are there - so is the competitive fire.

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