Saturday, June 27, 2009


Who is the best point guard for the Warriors?

Ricky Rubio: 60 votes (29%)
Jrue Holiday: 37 votes (18%)
Jonny Flynn: 33 votes (16%)
Brandon Jennings: 32 votes (15%)
Stephen Curry: 26 votes (12%)
Tyreke Evans: 16 votes (7%)

Very interesting results. The least popular player, Evans, was drafted ahead of all the point guards in the poll, even Ricky Rubio. Curry, the 2nd lowest, is now considered a very popular pick after the Warriors select him at #7. Nelson is talking Curry up big time, so that may be changing a lot of people's minds. He is known to be a very shrewd evaluator of guard talent and had Curry ranked as the #2 overall prospect behind only Blake Griffin. Let's hope his right.

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