Thursday, July 23, 2009


How would you grade the Stephen Curry selection?

A: 40 votes (68%)
B: 15 votes (25%)
C: 2 votes (3%)
D: 0 votes (0%)
F: 1 votes (1%)

A large majority of visitors thought that the Curry selection was a good one. Only 4% thought otherwise. I wonder if that number would change if polled now after witnessing his Summer League performance. He was touted as the best shooter in all of College Basketball, but struggled mightily in that department shooting only 32.5% overall. He did, however, show signs that he could contribute even if his shot wasn't falling. He made sound decisions, looked to distribute, rebounded, stayed in front of him man for the most part, and got some steals. His handles were average and his Assist to Turnover Ratio was poor for a PG, so that is reason for concern. I never thought he was a true PG, and so far I haven't seen anything that would make me think otherwise.

If Curry could get stronger, grow a little as projected, and get his shooting confidence back, he will be alright.

Summer League Statistics and Game Log

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