Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Admittedly, I did not want Stephen Curry for fear of him pulling a 'Reddick', but I trust Nelson's eye for talent, so I believe there's a good chance he will be an impact player in a few years.

In spite of his roller coaster start as a Warrior (in particular his poor shooting), here's a list of positives I have seen from Curry judging him solely from his post Davidson play:

- good character
- quick hands for steals
- plays passing lanes well
- moves feet to stay in front of man on D
- great free throw shooter
- good outlet passes
- good pick and roll
- crafty with the ball
- good movement off the ball
- understands angles
- utilizes hesitations and threat of shot
- good genes
- avoids blocks while driving to the rim
- will grow a little more (2"?)
- unselfish
- good work ethic
- ability to bounce back from slow starts
- comfortable with the media

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  1. Guarantee nobody cares about his character if he ends up sucking like dunleavy