Monday, November 16, 2009


The Warriors just traded Stephen Jackson and Acie Law for Raja Bell and Valdimir Radmanovic. I was hoping for better, but I guess that's all we can get or should expect from a Front Office in as much disarray as the Warriors.

The team gets worse in the short term, but this speeds up the development of the youngsters, moral is boosted, and it most likely allows Maggette to put up monster numbers as one of the main offensive weapons on a depleted roster.

Warriors should look into trading Maggette to a contender at the deadline. I'm sure there will be a team that would look at Maggette's hollow stats and drool (especially for a team looking for additional offensive fire power.) This will put the Warriors in an incredible position if they can take back an expiring or a player with 2 years left. They would be able to target 2011 Free Agents with max dollars because Maggette and Radmanovic would be off the books. They would have up to $20M in cap space to work with if they act responsibly in new player signings.

Here are the current financials:

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