Saturday, November 14, 2009


Will Nelson last until the end of the road trip?

Unless the Warriors manage to avoid a losing streak, things are just going to snowball quickly. Up next are the resurgent Bucks tonight, followed by a back-to-back gauntlet of Celtics and Cavaliers. Then they travel back home to face the Trailblazers, away vs. the Mavs, Spurs, and Lakers. It don't look good folks.

Nelson's skill as a talent evaluator and BS artist are better suited for the Front Office. Even with a move to the general manager role, can he be trusted? I think so, but players might not help feeling a little paranoid about their future on the team. But then again, they probably would welcome a change of scenery. Regarless, it's time to make a coaching change, rid ourselves of the mind games, and hope winning salvages a Warriors/Jackson relationship similar to how a tenuous Brandon Marshall/Denver Broncos relationship was repaired by winning. I'm willing to see how Keith Smart does as interim coach for the year. I enjoy the style of play and think that with the right personnel, it can succeed (John Wall anyone?)

Rowell's attempt to dip into the basketball realm of decision making and promises of a veteran team to Ellis and Jackson started this mess. He tried to befriend the two stars and indicated that the Warriors would build around the two and use the 2009 Draft Pick to bring in a veteran big. Obviously, this did not happen because Amare Stoudemire would not agree to a reasonable extension and Nelson refused to give up Curry in the deal. Nellie's mind games exacerbated the situation and his political moves are geared towards taking over Rowell's spot in the organization. Rowell needs to concentrate solely on the business/marketing side of the Warriors and leave ALL basketball decisions to the experts.

IF the Warriors can win tonight and compete (and win a couple) through the Lakers game, there's a chance Nellie could stick around as coach and the relationships could be salvaged. It's unlikely, but possible. A strong stretch of games could turn Jackson and the rest of his followers into a believers. If they lose seven in a row, look for the team to go through a drastic make-over.

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