Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hollinger just put out a piece on the greatest shooters ever with Steve Nash being the best of all time by a significant margin based on his formula, Combined Shooting Rating (CSR). There is a set of minimum thresholds that need to be met to qualify and 44 ended up being part of the study. CSR is simply adding the player's 2-pt, 3-pt, and free throw shooting percentages together. Chris Mullin made the list at No. 6.

The rankings are:

1. Steve Nash
2. Steve Kerr
3. Reggie Miller
4. Mark Price
5. Jeff Hornacek
6. Chris Mullin
7. Peja Stojakovic
8. Larry Bird
9. Ray Allen
10 Dana Barros

Interestingly enough, Hollinger mentions two young Warriors who can eventually crack this list if they continue to play as they are and naturally get better.

Finally, two young players on the Golden State Warriors have established a great chance of finishing their careers near the top of this list. Rookie Stephen Curry is at 1.770 thus far in his brief career, and should that number hold up, he'll finish his career in the top 10. Since players' shooting often improves dramatically in their second through fifth seasons, he could finish as one of the top-ranked players of all time.

Then again, he also might finish second among current Warriors. Curry's teammate, Anthony Morrow, has played two NBA seasons as a part-time starter, and posted career marks of 48.8 percent on 2s, 45.9 percent on 3s and 87.6 percent from the line. That's good for a CSR of 1.822, which is better than every other player in history except Nash.

Obviously we're dealing with smaller sample sizes with those two, and it's possible they'll regress in future seasons. But when we discuss the great all-time shooters, those two are worth tracking in future seasons to see if they warrant a spot in the conversation.

Wouldn't that be something to have two of the best shooters on one team. But based on how the roster turnover goes under the Cohan era, don't bet on seeing the duo stay together for too long.

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