Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This article about Nate Robinson needing to get away from the losing Knicks culture got me thinking. Are the Warriors going to pick players that continue to 'fit' well with the existing bunch - guys with great work ethics and high characters? Will they stay away from players with too many red flags such as DeMarcus Cousins? The Anthony Randolph trade talk and recent player acquisitions might suggest that the Warriors are moving in that direction. Mental and Emotional characteristics may be just as important as talent and physical gifts when it comes to building a team that will be able to gel and player better as a cohesive unit (see Houston Rockets).

Curry (22) - Mr. Perfect
Morrow (24) - gym rat, lots of limitations on game
Randolph (20) - gym rat with maturity/chemistry issues
Williams (23) - hungry D-Leaguer, good locker room guy?
Tolliver (25) - hungry D-Leaguer good locker room guy
Biedrins (24) - good character guy, locker room presence
Turiaf (27) - great locker room presence
Watson (26) - Mr. Nice guy
Azubuike (26) - injured gym rat
Maggette (30) - gym rat, not a winner, self-centered, good guy off the court
Wright (22) - Mr. Nice guy, fragile
Ellis (24) - gym rat, immature, self-centered, not a good role model

I could see the Warriors trading Randolph to get back Kevin Love and Wesley Johnson, both high character guys. I might do it if we keep our pick and draft Cole Aldrich or Greg Monroe, but I love Randolph's mean steak and scary upside. We need a guy like him on the team.

Here's to hoping Wesley Johnson drops to us at #6. By all accounts, he's a great teammate and a hard worker. Curry thinks that he'll end up being the best pro out of the draft class, so why not?

PG: Curry / Watson / ?
SG: Ellis / Morrow / Williams
SF: Johnson / Maggette / Azubuike
PF: Randolph / Wright / Tolliver
C: Biedrins / Turiaf / FA

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