Thursday, November 4, 2010


Check the statistical leaders here.

Trade value is at an all-time high, FWIW.

I'm an advocate for trading Monta because, in the long run, it's better for the team in terms of roster balance and working towards the construction of a true contender. Right now, he can get you a lot more in a trade than he could have last year. Monta is a premiere scorer and, so far, is focused on doing the other things that make up for being an undersized combo guard. But in the future, I see this as Curry's team - we should build around him and unfortunately, Monta isn't his ideal backcourt mate.

It's going to be a fun season to watch if he stays, but we could be so much more dangerous if we could turn Monta into a proto-typical SG with the Defensive mentality already in place. We need a bigger backcourt with a shut-down defender if we want to get far in the Playoffs. Iggy or bench depth + HIGH lottery pick would go a long way towards building a contender.

The only way I see a Monta/Curry backcourt working is if David Lee is replaced with a Josh Smith type talent who can defend the hell out of the paint when the guards blow past our backcourt. My ideal rosters would be:

PG: Curry
SG: Iguodala (a majority of his min. come from SG)
SF: Wright
PF: Lee
C: Biedrins


PG: Curry
SG: Ellis
SF: Wright
PF: Josh Smith
C: Biedrins

If the Warriors work towards building the roster models above while adding quality depth, they should go far into the playoffs. But then again, if Udoh surprises the hell out of everyone and becomes that defensive force at the 4, then we will be in great shape without having to deal Monta. Either way, I smell playoffs this year.

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