Saturday, February 5, 2011


It's been rumored off and on in the media that the Hawks were very willing to move Marvin Williams and his over-priced deal. Since they are in need of a starting center, perhaps they will consider trading for the re-surging Andris Biedrins. I still think Biedrins can get back to form (2006-08), but if management believes he ultimately cannot be in the Warriors' longterm plans, then this is a deal that we could swing to improve our bench and accelerate Udoh's development. 

IN: Marvin Williams / Zaza Pachulia
OUT: Andris Biedrins / Charlie Bell

Atlanta's starting 5 = Bibby / Johnson / Smith / Horford / Biedrins. Upgrade PG in the draft. Biedrins doesn't make significantly more than Williams, but he provides the Hawks with a starting quality Center (currently starting Jason Collins). In essence, they trade a 6th man for a starter while shaving a year off of the contract for the often ineffective Pachulia. If this still is not enough, they can toss in Reggie Williams or Brandan Wright.

For the Warriors, Marvin Williams and Dorell Wright compete for the starting SF spot and the bench gets immediately stronger. Williams is a good rebounder for his position and is athletic enough to fit well in the Warriors up-tempo style.

Admittedly, this trade does not automatically vault us into 8th seed playoff contention, but it does set the table for a potentially explosive offseason. Warriors' estimated cap space for 2011 = $11M if we renounce Brandan Wright's rights. We can use part of it to sign Afflalo and most of it to land a player like Greg Oden (I have a good feeling about our new trainer) or DeAndre Jordan. If they can get Oden at a reasonable price and contract length, I would take that chance. Otherwise, I would opt for a young big with defensive promise like Jordan. Warriors can even pursue a trade for JaVale McGee, who seems to be falling out of favor in Washington.

Warriors 2011-12
PG: Curry / Kemba Walker (draft) / Lin
SG: Ellis / Afflalo / R. Williams
SF: M. Williams / D. Wright
PF: Lee / Udoh / V. Radmonovic (resigned cheap)
C: Oden / Pachulia / Amundson

The additions of Oden and Afflalo make a Curry / Ellis backcourt more feasible. Afflalo is an extremely strong perimeter defender who is expanding his offensive skill and range. Oden has the potential to be a defensive force if our new training staff can keep him healthy. The Warriors will go into the 2012 season a more balanced, defensively-minded team.

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