Sunday, June 30, 2013


Every year, the Warriors field one of the top Summer League teams because every year, they seem have a lottery pick to showcase. This year, when an actual Las Vegas Summer League Title is at stake, they won't have the highly rated rookie class they're used to seeing. Their only draft pick, Nemanja Nedovic, may not even play due to Serbian National Team commitments. Festus Ezeli was supposed to participate, but recent surgery keeps him out until the end of 2013. Nonetheless, the Warriors are able to field a respectable team headlined by 2nd year players and a few interesting prospects fighting for NBA roster spots.

Kent Bazemore - Old Dominion
SG/PG: 6'-5", 201 lbs, 07/01/89
6'-11.5" wingspan

Ian Clark - Belmont
SG: 6'-3", 175 lbs., 03/17/91
6'-6.5" wingspan, 8'-2.5" standing reach

D.J. Cooper - Ohio
PG: 6'-0", 173 lbs, 12/06/90
6'-5" wingspan, 7'-11.5" standing reach

Dwayne Davis - Southern Miss
SF: 6'-5", 224 lbs., 11/27/89

Michael Eric - Temple
PF/C: 6'-11", 240 lbs. 25 y.o.

Lance Goulborne - Vanderbilt
SF/PF: 6'-8", 230 lbs.. 04/06/89

Draymond Green - Michigan State
SF/PF: 6'-7", 230 lbs., 03/04/90
7'-1.25" wingspan, 8'-9" standing reach

Cam Jones - Northern Arizona
SG/PG: 6'-4", 185 lbs. 05/04/89

Dwayne Jones - St. Joseph's
C: 6'-11", 248 lbs., 06/09/83
7'-2.75" wingspan, 9'-0.5" standing reach

Scott Machado - Iona
PG: 6'-1", 205 lbs. 06/08/90
6'-3" wingspan, 7'-10" standing reach

Gary McGhee- Pittsburgh
C: 6'-11", 250 lbs., 10/28/88
7'-2" wingspan, 8'-11.25" standing reach

Nemanja Nedovic - Serbia
PG/SG: 6'-5", 224 lbs., 06/16/91
6'-6.75" wingspan, 8'-3" standing reach

Craig Smith - Boston College
PF: 6'-7", 265 lbs., 11/11/83
6'-9.5" wingspan, 8'-7.5" standing reach

James Southerland - Syracuse
SF: 6'-8", 215 lbs., 04/28/90
7'-1" wingspan, 8'-10" standing reach

Alex Young - IUPUI
SF: 6'-6", 212 lbs., 10/17/89
6'-11" wingspan

Of the four player currently on the Warriors roster (Green, Bazemore, Machado, and Dwayne Jones), only two are likely to remain. Jones is a virtual lock to be cut before his contract becomes guaranteed on August 1st. He is scheduled to make $1.1M and the Warriors need every bit of cap space to fill out their roster. Same situation applies to Machado to a lesser degree. He plays a position of need, is rather skilled as a distributor, and his contract is not high ($789K), but he needs to prove that he's worth keeping.

Machado's biggest competition comes from undrafted free agent 6'-0" PG, D.J. Cooper of Ohio. He's a dynamic, quick true PG with incredible court vision and creativity. Unlike Machado, who worked hard to turn himself into a functioning true PG, it all comes natural to Cooper. ESPN's WARP stat has him ranked as the 8th overall prospect in this year's draft. He will start off playing for the Magic's summer league team, so if he does well in Orlando, Cooper may end up signing with them before he gets to dawn a Warriors jersey.

James Southerland was ranked 30th overall according to the ESPN WARP stat. He had a terrific senior season from distance and used his length to record 1.5 spg, .9 bpg, and an impressive 23.91 PER. The Warriors are always looking for size and Southerland brings it at the SF position. He's a good candidate for a stretch 4 in small ball situations.

PG: Machado / Cooper / C. Jones
SG: Bazemore / Clark / Nedovic?
SF: Southerland / Young / Davis
PF: Green / Smith / Goulbourne
C: D. Jones / McGhee / Eric

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