Monday, May 19, 2014


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IN: K. Love / O.J. Mayo / A. Shved
OUT: D. Lee / H. Barnes / O. Kuzmic / 2015 1st Rd Pick / 2019 1st Rd Pick / Cash

IN: E. Ilyasova / H. Barnes / 2014 2nd Rd Pick / 2015 1st Rd Pick / 2019 1st Rd Pick
OUT: K. Love / C. Budinger / A. Shved

IN: D. Lee / C. Budinger / O. Kuzmic / Cash
OUT: E. Ilyasova / O.J. Mayo / 2014 2nd Rd Pick


PG: Curry / FA / Shved / Nedovic
SG: Thompson / Mayo
SF: Iguodala / Green / FA
PF: Love / Speights / FA
C: Bogut / Ezeli / FA

Warriors get their guy Love, add fire power off the bench in Mayo, and get a serviceable PG in Shved. Shved can play SG at 6'6" and Warriors clearly still need to upgrade Curry's backup PG. They have to bring in Big Man insurance (O'Neal?) and athletes at SF and PF.

PG: Rubio / Barea / FA
SG: Martin / Muhammad / FA
SF: Barnes / Brewer / FA
PF: Ilyasova / Mbah A Moute / FA
C: Pekovic / Dieng / Turiaf

Timberwolves dump 2 questionable contracts, get a starting quality PF in Ilyasova, add a good prospect in Barnes, get cap relief, and best of all, 3 draft picks. No Lee. Primed for a tank season while adding their lottery pick and an extra early 2nd rounder in June.

PG: Knight / Wolters / FA
SG: Antetokounmpo / Delfino / FA
SF: Middleton / Budinger / FA
PF: Lee / Henson / Radulijica
C: Sanders / Pachulia / Kuzmic

Bucks are a mess and are in a similar state the old Warriors were in when they first acquired Lee. They are in dire need of leadership from high character guys and Lee is the guy for the job. He's a clear upgrade at PF and will work well playing alongside the strong defense of Sanders. Hopefully, they strike gold in the lottery and are able to draft their star SF in Wiggins. Mayo has been a disappointment and getting rid of his and Ilyasova's salary gives the Bucks a net savings in this deal. They get cash for sending their No. 31 or 36 overall pick to the Timberwolves.

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