Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Byron Mullens

Not an ideal answer, but with the wise use of the MLE on Livingston, they will have to fill out the roster with free agents who can be had at a bargain.

If they get Mullens, they add a Stretch 4 and a guy who can play both backup PF or C.

25 y.o. (2/14/89)
37.1% 3FG%

With Bogut and Ezeli's reliability in question, adding another big would be smart. Mullens is a decent long range shooter and will keep the defense honest simply because he is a threat to hit from 3. He's still young and could improve a little more, but he can give you good to great minutes in spurts on occasion.

PG: Curry | Livingston | Nedovic
SG: Thompson
SF: Iguodala | Barnes
PF: Lee | Green | Speights
C: Bogut | Ezeli | Mullens | Kuzmic

 2 mores spots available to bring in a wing. I like these options:

1. Wesley Johnson
2. Xavier Henry
3. James Anderson
4. Kent Bazemore

Should keep the last spot open for an emergency add. Sure I'd love to get Kevin Love, but if that's not happening I think the Warriors will be in great shape with a deep bench with such a variety of skill sets. If Green steps up at PF and is capable of handling starter minutes, trade Lee to get future assets and cap flexibility.

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