Friday, April 17, 2009


Formerly known as the Mind of Mullin, I am in the process of moving on to a new blog site, Warriors Works, since Chris Mullin will most likely be moving on as well. Much love goes to my favorite Warrior of all-time, especially for being the architect of the 2007 WE BELIEVE team that captured the basketball world’s hearts and minds. I wish him all the best, but a name change is in order, partly to signify a new era in front office leadership, partly to signify a new hope for the franchise.

Just like its predecessor, Warriors Works will focus on anything and everything related to the Warriors. I'll cover the offseason, review prospects, examine possible moves, free agent targets, etc. I hope you enjoy the commentary, analysis, and miscellaneous musings about my favorite team, the Golden State Warriors. Please visit often and all comments are greatly appreciated.

Once again, welcome to the new blog and for those of you coming from Mind of Mullin, thank you for your continued support!

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