Thursday, May 14, 2009


There's a decent shot that Jennings will be available for the Warriors to grab at #7. He's one of a handful of PG's I would be happy with if Nellie gives the seal of approval. If he keeps up his solid play, however, he may be gone before we have the choice.

Much like Randolph, there's a lot of talent and potential that needs to be coached and refined. He has erratic form on his jumpshot like Belinelli, but you can trust that he can protect the ball and push the tempo - a must for any player thrust into Nelliball. I love how he can penetrate seemingly at will and the fact that he loves to pass. He can get anywhere he wants to on the floor and has a great sense of where his teammates are even when driving hard to the hole in traffic.

Control his jumpshot and improve his ability to finish, and you will have a terrific PG. Not sure if he can work with Ellis because of his defense, but it sure would be fun to find out. They would form the fastest backcourt in the NBA - no contest. Jennings has a flair and swagger to his game and is showing that he can lead a team even at the young age of 19. Although his stats haven't been spectacular, he has shown great improvement in a level of play that is head and shoulders above any he would find on the NCAA level.

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