Thursday, February 24, 2011


Troy Murphy comes to Golden State for Dan Gadzuric and Brandan Wright. After Murphy gets bought out as reported, the financials looks something like this:

(click image to enlarge)

Assuming Charlie Bell and Louis Amundson exercise their player options for 2011/12, we end up picking around 12th, and the SalaryCap remains at $58M, the Warriors will have $6.1M in cap space. Reggie Williams looks like a keeper, but if push came to shove, they can decline his team option and have $7.2M in cap space. I'm not certain how much of Jeremey Lin's 2011/12 deal is guaranteed for, but they could get close to $8M under the cap if they shed his salary and let him walk as well.

Although the Warriors will likely be able to offer more money than all teams armed with only the MLE, it doesn't seem like enough to get them a proven star. Their best bet would probably be to go for a player that is young with upside (D. Jordan, A. Afflalo, S. Hawes, E. Clark, M. Chalmers, J. Smith) or a player who is coming off injury (G. Oden, J. Jerebko). Get them to sign short deals that don't extend past 2014 unless they could get an absolute steal for a very good player.

If they cannot get anyone worth keeping long term, they should do 1-year deals or 2-year deals with team options and look towards the offseason of 2012 to make a big free agent acquisition. Amundson and Bell are off the books and it will be easier to trade away  Ellis and/or Biedrins' contracts which will only have two years remaining. Unfortunately, many fans cannot wait that long.


  1. Great analysis. 6mil ain't alot to work with, I'm a little disappointed we couldn't work some more magic to get into the 10mil range.

  2. Thanks. If they could work out a draft day trade sending their pick along with Bell and/or Biedrins, they can clear a lot of cap space. I'd do that only if they don't feel they can get a guy with big upside (which is highly probable in this draft even in the late lottery).