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I appreciate how ownership has demonstrated that they are willing to spend money to improve the roster. Judging by their actions, I expect them to spend money to field a playoff contending team once the lockout is over. The scenario I present here, however, is a minimalist approach to constructing a more competitive and balanced roster heading into the 2011/12 season. The Warriors won't have the most money to spend, and they will be competing with a lot of teams for the services of the top Free Agents with the idea of getting Bigger and Better defensively, so don't get your hopes up.

Here's how I would approach it:

Ellis for Iguodala is a step in the right direction. It's been reported that the Warriors are the ones holding up the deal. Just pull the trigger (bonus if you can get them to add one of their bigs or at least a future 2nd). 4 more moves and you got a nice defensive team with some good balance.

1. Buy out Bell to make room for a useful reserve.
2. Sign Wilson Chandler
3. Sign Alexis Ajinca
4. Sign Dominic McGuire

These adds aren't going to blow away the average hoop fan, but those in the know can see that the Warriors would add some of the top undervalued, young players in free agency. Think Dorell Wright x 3. Chandler is a more known commodity, so expect to pay 'MLE' money for his services.

What each new addition brings to the table:
Andre Iguodala: 6'-6", 207 lbs, 27 y.o., defense, assists, rebounding, athleticism, explosiveness at rim, toughness, versatility at SF/SG, dirty work
Wilson Chandler: 6'-8", 225 lbs, 24 y.o., defense, slashing, scoring, rebounding, 3 pt shooting (35.0%), shot blocking, a few years away from prime, allows Dorell Wright to come in as the super-sub 6th man
Alexis Ajinca: 7'-2", 248 lbs, 23 y.o., shot blocking, 3 pt shooting (35.3%), rebounding, size, major upside, project big that can pay big dividends if coached and supported correctly
Dominic McGuire: 6'-9", 220 lbs, 25 y.o., shot blocking, rebounding, cheap lock-down defender, can guard 3 positions, lack of offense makes him a defensive specialist who needs to be surrounded by scorers, if he can continue to improve his shooting...we have a major steal

2011/12 Roster
PG: Curry / Jenkins / Lin
SG: Iguodala / Thompson / Williams
SF: Chandler / Wright / McGuire
PF: Lee / Udoh / Amundson
C: Biedrins / Tyler / Ajinca

I'm not counting on signing Nene due to his hefty price tag, nor do I view him as the ideal big to build around since he doesn't defend or rebound particularly well. With this route, they have enough depth to make the playoffs and although they lose Monta's fire power, it would be offset by stronger defense, a diversified scoring attack, increased ball movement, and the offensive contributions of Thompson and Chandler....all without mortgaging the future.

2010/11 averages
Curry = 18.6 pts, 5.8 ast, 1.5 stl
Lee = 16.5 pts, 9.8 reb
Iguodala = 14.1 pts, 5.8 reb, 6.3 ast, 1.5 stl, .6 blk
Wright = 16.4 pts, 5.3 reb, 1.5 stl, .8 blk
Chandler = 16.4 pts, 5.9 reb, 1.4 blk
Mcguire = 10.5 r/40, 1.7 b/40
Ajinca = 9.2 r/40, 2.7 b/40

Ajinca, Udoh, Tyler, Amundson, and Mcguire are all capable rim protectors. Chandler is a very good shot blocker for a SF. If Biedrins could recover, we get even stronger up front.

Mcguire and Iguodala are the lockdown perimeter defenders. Wright and Chandler are strong in this department as well. Lin and Jenkins provide additional defensive help guarding the opposing PG's.

Curry becomes the primary ball handler and play maker with Iguodala playing the secondary role. Thompson is a good distributor. Jenkins has point guard experience. If Lin doesn't show improved PG skills, drop his non-guaranteed contract in favor of a true back PG.

Scoring shouldn't be a problem despite losing Monta. Expect increased scoring averages from Curry, Wright, and Lee. Thompson, Williams, Curry, and Wright do their damage from distance. Lee, Iguodala, Udoh, and Tyler (yes, Tyler) provide scoring down low. Jenkins, an explosive scorer in college, could surprise us with more fire power.

Rebounding is improved with the addition of Tyler, Iguodala, Chandler, Mcguire, and Ajinca.

As you can see, this roster is very balanced, full of players that can man multiple positions, and equipt to make a playoff run under the guidance of head coach Mark Jackson and defensive guru Michael Malone.

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  1. Great ideas! Best I've seen so far. Would love to add Iggy, WC, and like the upside of Ajinca. I'm praying that the W's are willing "to take a risk" and West and most everyone knows they need to do in order to make the playoffs. Nene is a pipe dream!

  2. Thanks Dog! I'd be very wary about adding Nene if it would cost them Lee type money. He's not a complete PF/C and the Warriors would be capped out for a long time. It would be wiser to improve without committing too much salary, target upside and picks, and position yourself to ponce on stars when they become available by using your young assets, picks, and cap flex to get deals done.

    If Chandler is too pricey, another option would be Earl Clark. Though Clark is more PF than SF, he would still be a great addition that follows my criteria of versatile, upside, undervalued players. It would be awesome if they could get Clark instead of McGuire.

    Thanks for the comment!