Wednesday, June 8, 2011


01. Cavaliers - Kyrie Irving: PG, 6-3, 190 lbs, 19 y.o.
Irving is close to being a consensus number one pick and the Cavs could start the rebuilding off by filling the most important position on the floor - Point Guard. Other possibilities: D. Williams or E. Kanter.
02. Timberwolves - Derrick Williams: SF/PF, 6-9, 250 lbs, 20 y.o.
If they keep their pick, they'll likely go after the most NBA ready of all the prospects so they could finally start exiting out of their rebuilding phase. Williams gives the versatility at the SF/PF position and the flexibility to move the improved Michael Beasley in trade to possibly upgrade their C. Other possibilities: E. Kanter, J. Valanciunas, or J. Vesely.
03. Jazz - Enes Kanter: C, 6-11, 260 lbs, 19 y.o.
After their private workout with Kanter, it's hard to imagine that they'd pass him up after getting an up-close and personal look at his vast potential. Since they have Devin Harris, they might go big and look to land a certain Mormon PG at number 12. Other possibilities: B. Knight, J. Valanciunas, or J. Vesely.
04. Cavaliers - Jonas Valanciunas: C, 6-11, 260 lbs, 19 y.o.
After likely taking the best PG at number one, they probably opt to shore up at C. Valanciunas is a young, raw, energetic, athletic big with lots of upside. If he works out for them, they will have answers to the two most difficult positions to fill on a roster. Other possibilities: J. Vesely,  K. Leonard, or A. Burks.
05. Raptors - Brandon Knight: PG, 6-3, 180 lbs, 19 y.o.
They'll jump all over Kanter if he's available, but I don't see that happening. Calderon has been a disappointment since signing his big contract. Raptors need to reload at PG and Knight has the talent to take over the position sooner, rather than later. He'll boost their scoring in the backcourt and give them a solid building block for the team's future. Other possibilities: K. Leonard, K. Walker, J. Vesely, or B. Biyombo.
06. Wizards - Kawhi Leonard: SF, 6-7, 225 lbs, 19 y.o.
They need to get tough and physical overall and Leonard has a lot of the tools to become a great defender with an all-around game. They might like Singleton here, but his offensive deficiencies may be too great. Other possibilities: C. Singleton, J. Vesely, A. Burks, or B. Biyombo.
07. Kings - Kemba Walker: PG, 6-1, 185 lbs, 21 y.o.
Walker may be too good to pass up if he falls this far. He's not an ideal fit, but with Tyreke Evans playing more like a SG, the Kings would benefit greatly by adding a leader and winner of Walkers ilk to run the Point. He might seem like a score-first point guard, but he's shown improvement in his A/T ratio each year at UConn finishing with a respectable 1.98 A/T his Junior Year. I like his intangibles and think he would fit nicely with the young Kings. Other possibilities: J. Vesely, B. Biyombo, K. Thompson, or T. Harris.
08. Pistons - Jan Vesely: SF/PF, 6-11, 240 lbs, 21 y.o.
They could use a little help in just about every position, so a versatile big with upside like Vesely would be a good get. He'd be a nice compliment to the below the rim PF/C, Greg Monroe, and undersized Jason Maxiell. Vesely is a high motor, aggressive attacker who plays very good help defense and whose size will allow him to challenge many shots. He's improving his range and will contribute immediately because he's a seasoned professional in an extremely competitive division. Other possibilities: B. Biyombo, D. Motiejunas, M. Morris, or T. Thompson.
09. Bobcats - Alec Burks: SG, 6-6, 195 lbs, 19 y.o.
Burks gives them an all-purpose SG with proto size and uncanny scoring ability. Once he improves consistency on his jumper, he'll be a lethal weapon. Other possibilities: K. Thompson, B. Biyombo, or Marcus Morris.
10. Bucks - Klay Thompson: SG/SF, 6-7, 205 lbs, 21 y.o.
They are desperate for outside shooting and are in need of adding talent to their SG/SF positions. Thompson addresses all those needs. Bucks should remain tough on defense up front (Bogut, Sanders, and a re-signed Mbah a Moute), so defensive concerns surrounding Thompson will be less of a factor. Other possibilities: B. Biyombo, J. Fredette, Tobias Harris, or M. Morris
11. Warriors - Bismack Biyombo: C/PF, 6-9, 240 lbs, 18 y.o.
One of the issues they want to address this offseason is to find a low post presence. Biyombo is just what they need on the defensive end, but has a long way to go if he wants to contribute more than put-back dunks on offense. Biyombo's age is in question (which may be the reason he falls this far), but many say he's no older than 20 years old. There's a lot of upside there and with his work ethic and drive, he's more than likely to develop into a very good to great post presence down the road. Other possibilities: T. Harris, D. Motiejunas, T. Honeycutt, or J. Tyler.

The rest of the first round:

12. Jazz - Jimmer Fredette: PG, 6-2, 195 lbs, 22 y.o.
13. Suns - Tobias Harris: SF/PF, 6-8, 225 lbs, 18 y.o.
14. Rockets - Donatas Motiejunas: PF/C, 7-0, 215 lbs, 20 y.o.
15. Pacers - Jordan Hamilton: SF, 6-8, 230 lbs, 20 y.o.
16. 76ers - Tristan Thompson: PF, 6-9, 230 lbs, 20 y.o.
17. Knicks - Chris Singleton: SF, 6-9, 230 lbs, 21 y.o.
18. Wizards - Marcus Morris: PF, 6-9, 230 lbs, 21 y.o.
19. Bobcats - Jeremy Tyler: C, 6-11, 260 lbs, 19 y.o.
20. Timberwolves - Marshon Brooks: SG, 6-5, 195 lbs, 22 y.o.
21. Trailblazers - Josh Selby: SG, 6-3, 195 lbs, 20 y.o.
22. Nuggets - Nikola Vucevic: PF/C, 7-0, 260 lbs, 20 y.o.
23. Rockets - Tyler Honeycutt: SF, 6-8, 186 lbs, 20 y.o.
24. Thunder - Nikola Mirotic: SF/PF, 6-10, 225 lbs, 20 y.o.
25. Celtics - Kenneth Faried: PF, 6-8, 225 lbs, 21 y.o.
26. Mavericks - Markieff Morris: PF, 6-10, 240 lbs, 21 y.o.
27. Nets - Kyle Singler: SF/PF, 6-9, 225 lbs, 23 y.o.
28. Bulls - Lucas Nogueira: C, 7-0, 225 lbs, 18 y.o.
29. Spurs - Jordan Williams: C, 6-9, 250 lbs, 20 y.o.
30. Bulls - Reggie Jackson: PG, 6-3, 208 lbs, 21 y.o.

On the bubble:
Davis Bertans, Justin Harper, Charles Jenkins, Iman Shumpert, Trey Thompkins

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