Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This list ranks draft prospects in order of value to the Warriors in terms of immediate need and value within 3 or more years. Point guards projected to go before the 11th pick were omitted because Warriors are not likely to trade up to land any of them. In a weak draft like this year, I'm opting to go for the home run rather than safe pick. This takes into account a combination of skill set, age, productivity, athleticism, measurements,  and work that rough order. 
  1. Enes Kanter : excellent combo of size, skill, and power, all-star potential
  2. Bismack Biyombo : best defensive prospect, big upside, valuable weapon if can develop post moves and close range shots, elite defensive potential, high BBIQ, excellent work ethic and drive
  3. Derrick Williams : well-rounded, NBA-ready, versatile, all-star potential, great work ethic
  4. Jonas Valanciunas: agile big man, plays with energy, solid rebounder and shot-blocker, Biedrins with more skill and better motor
  5. Tobias Harris: well-rounded, good ball handling, good shooter, versatile, 18 years old, high character, high BBIQ, gym rat, potential to be very good scorer in the league, mismatch nightmare
  6. Jan Vesely: exciting high flyer, proven productivity vs. tough competition, limited range, high energy, length to defend perimeter and change shots
  7. Alec Burks : Dwayne Wade lite, needs to work hard on jump shot, prototypical SG size, excellent finisher, rebounds well, good passer, intangibles, needs to add strength
  8. Jeremy Tyler : size, athleticism, former no. 1 ranking for his class, natural shot blocker and strong rebounder, needs to prove professionalism and work ethic issues behind him, gamble
  9. Tristan Thompson: garbage man specialist, offensive boards, long and athletic, blocks shots, currently has troubles on defensive glass, needs to work on post offense, quick and active
  10. Tyler Honeycutt: good defender, long and athletic, high BBIQ, good shooter, decent handles, can play SG/SF, inconsistent, needs to get stronger
  11. Kawhi Leonard : energy and incredible motor, rebounds well, great defensive potential, developing offensive player, good work ethic, can disappear in games
  12. Chris Singleton: defensive stopper, athletic, can guard 4 positions, improving 3 point shot, raw on offense, not a strong rebounder
  13. Klay Thompson: big time scorer, quick release, good size, plays SG/SF, good passer, high BBIQ, plays well without the ball, good pedigree, lacks lateral quickness, could be defensive liability
  14. Donatas Motiejunas: skilled big man, fairly athletic, good passer, needs to add strength and work on defense, high BBIQ, not a good rebounder 
  15. Jimmer Fredette: big-time scorer, very high BBIQ, leader, deep range, aggressive, defense questionable, not a bad athlete, could be considered more SG than PG, strong

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