Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Today is supposed to be the big day when the Golden State Warriors announce the winning bid for ownership of the franchise. The Warriors are widely considered an undervalued franchise in which the right ownership, direction, and leadership can catapult it to near the top of the NBA. The undying, loyal fan base is there. The large media market waiting to be tapped. The exciting brand of basketball is in place. The practice facilities and headquarters are built. All that is missing is an owner with the smarts, deep pockets, and dogged determination to win at all costs. Almost everyone is pulling for one man.....


If his name is announced as the winning bidder later tonight, I recommend the Warriors do the following:

1. Hire a new training staff - Tom Abdenour has had a long, productive career, but now is the time for change. Not sure if he's just bad luck or he just can't minimize injuries, but the Warriors have been among the most injured teams in the NBA during his tenure. Throughout the past 16 years of suck, Abdenour is one of the constants that play an integral role in the success or failure of the team. Let's turn the page on the ugly injury history and go in a different direction.

2. Allow Nelson to coach is final year. With the possible exception of Biedrins, all the rotation players are Nellie-approved type talent. I'd love to see his vision implemented another year. Stephen Curry is the true point guard that makes the system run smoothly. Monta Ellis is the unstoppable scorer. David Lee is an intelligent, ferocious rebounder that could score inside. The addition of Dorell Wright gives us an exciting, versatile player who is tailor made for Nellie-ball. Reggie Williams is a great scoring 6th man that can backup multiple positions. Andris Biedrins, Brandan Wright, and Ekpe Udoh (when healthy) will provide a mobile core of bigs that can compensate for the defensive lapses of the back court and below average defense of Lee.

3. Give Larry Riley another year as GM. Overall, I'm good with the moves he's consummated since taking control. Highlights include drafting Curry, dumping Jackson and Maggette's contract, signing Dorell Wright, finding exceptional D-League talent, and bringing in a proven, All-Star PF in Lee (though I don't like the contract). He has put the Warriors in position to get a max player (or near max) in the offseason of 2012 (sooner if he can dump Charlie Bell and trade Biedrins' contract). I hope he is smart enough to not blow it by signing an overpriced role player. If Kevin Pritchard, ex-GM for the Trailblazers, is available however, move over Riley and let him take over. I like his eye for talent and aggressiveness in deals. He'll be blessed with an unlimited budget again, and he's shown that he knows what to do with it for the most part.

Current financials with estimated contracts for David Lee and Dorell Wright

(click to enlarge image)

4. Fire Robert Rowell. When he tried to delve into basketball decisions (Stephen Jackson extension and most likely the Maggette panic signing), he failed miserably. Granted he managed to maintain profitability on such a perennially awful team, but he needs to be replaced with someone Ellison can trust will do a better job while erasing all traces of Cohan's right-hand man and the losing culture.

5. Sign Shawn Livingston at a reasonable price to replace C.J. Watson. He's a true PG with complimentary skills and traits that would bring more value and success to the team. He's a long defender perfect for causing deflections and judging by Livingston's late-season play last year on the Wizards, he looks like he is sufficiently recovered from his horrific knee injury. It's a risk, but the injury history may be what drives down his contract price, making him a realistic target with what little money is left from the MLE.

Warning: Explicit Lyrics

6. Sign another big man to add depth to our front court. Candidates include: Louis Amundson, Leon Powe, Sean Williams, John Brockman, Oleksiy Pecherov, and Anthony Tolliver.

Possible Depth Chart:
PG: Curry / Livingston
SG: Ellis / Bell
SF: Wright /  Williams
PF: Lee / Wright / Amundson
C: Biedrins / Gadzuric / Udoh

With these main moves, the Warriors will be a better team and will compete for a playoff spot. Manage the cap space wisely, and they will be on their way to contending. The combination of Ellison, an up-tempo style of play, loyal fan base, a trend toward winning, and California destination will turn the Warriors Franchise into a place that will attract big time free agents and players that want off of their current teams. The max cap space can finally mean something. When this happens, look out NBA, it's 'We Believe' x 10.

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  1. If Kevin Prichard is available, get him as GM and dump Larry Riley. Otherwise, stick with him, and please, no Mike Dunleavy Sr. (coaching or as GM).

  2. Update:

    Livingston off the market after signing with the Bobcats for $7M/2YR w/ 3rd YR non-guaranteed.