Sunday, July 18, 2010


Polls have not been working properly lately. Seems that some of the votes were not counted and all new polls aren't registering votes. At any rate, here are the results of the last poll that closed.


C : 9 votes (32%)
B : 6 votes (21%)
D : 6 votes (21%)
F : 4 votes (14%)
A : 3 votes (10%)

Most readers that were able to cast a vote thought the draft deserved a 'C' grade. Obviously, with the wrist injury that will sideline our sole draft pick, Ekpe Udoh, until January, it will be tough to judge without having seen him play in the Summer League vs. NBA level competition. We'll have to wait and see how good he is but there are several drafted after him that excelled in Orlando and Las Vegas play.

Derrick Character
Greg Monroe
Daminon James
Paul George
Dominique Jones
Quincy Pondexter
Ed Davis
Larry Sanders

I voted that the Warriors receive a 'C' based on Udoh's college career and the fact that used the 2nd Round Pick as a way to ditch Maggette's bloated contract. It would have been nice to have been able to use it on Derrick Character, but you can't win them all. Udoh was a safe pick based on need, and one that most 'experts' thought was a stretch at #6. Safe and need based picks usually result in disappointment. So far, the trend continues.

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