Thursday, July 1, 2010


While wise teams that positioned themselves to have max cap space vie for the services of LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire, Dwayne Wade, etc, the Warriors are capped out and will likely settle for a modest addition to the roster. When I say modest, I mean MODEST. Teams are throwing money at players from the opening bell of free agency. Players like Drew Gooden, Darko Milicic, Amir Johnson, and Charlie Frye are cashing in with contracts that eclipse their perceived market value. The Warriors will just have to wait and see what happens, hope that no one throws an unbelievable offer at Anthony Morrow or C.J. Watson so that they can keep them, see who is left when the dust settles, and make a reasonable offer to add a quality piece to the roster.

As of now, there are 14 players under contract. The primary need is a starting quality SF, but the Warriors could use another backup point guard since the only 'true' point is Stephen Curry. At least six teams have shown interest in Morrow, so the need to replace him with another lights out shooter may be a possibility in a few weeks. But for now, Warriors should look for young, talented, athletic, character guys with versatility, and who are able to excel in two or more of the following areas: shooting, defending, rebounding, passing.

With big hefty expiring contracts in Radmanovic ($6.9M) and Gadzuric ($7.2M), the Warriors would be wise to hold on to them until a they expire so they have lots of cap space to pursue a star in 2011. If a deal for a star comes and it knocks them off their feet, by all means, do the deal, but be careful not to blow your future cap space on fools gold when we are no where near contending anyways. Because the Warriors are finally on the verge of fiscal cap health, I would not recommend using the Full Mid-Level Exception on anyone. Hold off until 2011 when fewer teams have money to spend and more favorable contract rules are in place.

Current Roster (my ideal depth chart)
PG: Curry / Watson / Bell
SG: Ellis / Williams / Morrow
SF: Randolph / Azubuike
PF: Wright / Udoh / Radmanovic
C: Biedrins / Turiaf / Gadzuric

Here are my favorite under-the-radar free agent targets based on what the Warriors need and on a shoestring budget....

1. Dorell Wright (UR) 24 y.o. - athletic, rebounds, shooter, nice fit for system
2. Shawn Livingston (UR) 24 y.o. - passes, perimeter defense
3. Patrick Mills (R) 21 y.o. - tempo pusher, true PG, scorer, upside
4. Linas Kleiza (R) 25 y.o. - tough, defender, shooter, rebounds
5. Dominic McGuire (R) 24 y.o. - athletic, rebounds, passes, nice fit for system
6. Javaris Crittenton (UR) 22 y.o. - passer, finisher, athletic
7. Sergio Rodriguez (UR) 23 y.o. - true PG, shooter, upside
8. Oleksiy Pecherov (UR) 24 y.o. - big that can shoot, rebounds, blocks
9. Anthony Tolliver (UR) 24 y.o. - shooter, good all-around skills

Other players that I'd like to target but are likely too expensive: R. Brewer, K. Lowry, T. Outlaw.

Considering the Warriors are so young and are in need of veteran leadership, they may simply go with a Devean George type player - one that won't demand playing time and will mentor the young players. Guys that come to mind:

Kurt Thomas
Anthony Carter
James Singleton
Keith Bogans
Joe Smith
Ime Udoka
Damien Wilkins
Juwan Howard
Rasual Butler

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  1. UPDATE:

    Sergio Rodriguez will play in Europe.
    Linas Kleiza signed an offer sheet with the Raptors.