Monday, April 2, 2012


I finally got a chance to watch the Kentucky/Louisville game. Anyone else impressed by the power of Terrence Jones?

There are some questioning his toughness and desire, but from what I saw in the game (and throughout the tournament), I thought he was a force. He impacted the game, Udoh-style, and has had a very good year despite not being the go-to guy. A lot of what makes Jones intriguing could be lost on a team as stacked with talent as Kentucky.

Jones has great size, a knack for rebounding, shot blocking, powerful finishes, and is an under-rated passer. At SF, he'll be a very tough matchup, but his size and versatility will allow him to play PF as well. Although his shooting needs more work, he has shown that he has deep range capability, shooting 33.3% on threes.

I see him evolving into a tougher version of Marvin Williams - more defense, better rebounding, probably not as much of a scorer, however. That's ok, because we need a guy like him (rich-man's McGuire) in the starting 5.

I'm not endorsing anyone as THE pick yet, but the Warriors need to strongly consider him at No. 7 even if the mocks have him going late lotto/mid-1st. David Lee needs to be flanked by strong defensive players....Bogut and the versatile Jones would be nice.

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