Sunday, April 8, 2012


Once again, no surprises today, so the projected records stay the same. Nets have swapped places with Raptors at the #7 / #6 spots. Right now, there might be a 3-team tie for the #5, #6, and #7 pre-lottery spots. Nets may have lost Gerald Wallace for a few games or more due to a hamstring injury. That may hurt our chances further if we're looking to at least tie them for the #7 spot.

A key team to keep an eye on is the 76ers. They have been struggling as of late and have many games vs. the teams we need to pass up. 76ers play Nets 3 times, and Pistons, Raptors, and Cavaliers once each. Let's hope for a 76ers collapse to close out the season and no more wins for the Warriors. One more unexpected win from the Warriors and the tank might as well be called off.

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Games for Monday, 04/09/12:
GSW @ DEN - 6pm pst
DET @ ORL - 4 pm pst
TOR @ IND - 4 pm pst

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