Thursday, April 19, 2012


Tank standings are back! With only a week's worth of games left, the fight to keep the draft pick is has captured the hearts and minds of true Warrior fans eager to add talent to their promising roster. Lee, Curry, and Bogut have been shut down and the Mark Jackson is forced to trot out a crew of rookies and cast-offs to drive the tank home.

If the Warriors lose out the rest of the way, they are a lock to tie with either the Nets or Raptors for the #6 and #7 pre-lottery slots. They could even gain sole possession of #6 if both of the aforementioned teams end up with winning one more game each. If the Cavaliers win 2 of their remaining 5 games while the Nets and Raptors each win 1 of their remaining 3, the Warriors could end up in a tie for #5 and #6 pre-lottery slots. Kings look like they have locked up the #4 slot barring a win vs. the Lakers in their final game of the year. If Lakers rest their stars, this could be a distinct possibility.

WOW! I've haven't been so captivated by the final week of NBA games since the year after We Believe.

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  1. You have to add New Orleans. If they beat the Warriors and then win 1 of the other 2, they could be at 22 wins too.

  2. The warriors will never develop a winning team breading a culture of tankers.

  3. This is one of the most pathetic things I think I have ever seen in the world of sports

  4. Of course you don't "bread a culture of tankers".
    You play scrubs who play hard and lose anyway, dipsh*t.