Tuesday, April 24, 2012


It's a shame we're likely to lose the pick, but if you can somehow trade up to draft Kidd-Gilchrist, we should do it. The top-7 pick would have been a great asset to utilize in this scenario.

If we lose the pick, just let it go, unless your most trusted advisers are absolutely in love with a prospect. Since we have 3 late picks, it might be a good idea to just close the book on the Marcus Williams trade and try to find our starting SF (#1 Priority) via trade or free agency. Having a pick in 2013 just in case it develops into a decent class or if catastrophic injuries bring about a repeat of this year would be nice.

Resign McGuire and Rush. They provide the defensive toughness and energy that every good bench squad needs.

Find veteran insurance for Curry and Bogut.

Jenkins is shaping up to be a keeper, but we need a true PG to run the show to give Curry rest or to start in case of injury. Perhaps bringing Jason Kidd back to the bay could work. He'd be a good mentor and might like to retire where he started his basketball career.

I'm not as concerned about Bogut as I am of Curry, but Biedrins and Tyler probably aren't adequate backups for Bogut in their current state. Warriors need a great Big Man coach to maximize Tyler's potential. He has lots of tools, but plays undisciplined much of the time. Biedrins could be ok coming off the bench, especially playing with 4 offensively talented players on the court. A third big man (PF/C) that can match Bogut's lowpost strength/bulk would be good. Perhaps we could find that guy late in the draft.

Replicate the Suns Training Staff in Oakland so Curry, Bogut, and others can play lots of games with confidence and without nagging injuries.

Get one of those freeze chambers that the Mavs utilize for faster recovery.

Don't price out the loyal fans like the 49ers are doing. What makes Oracle the loudest place to play is because you have rabid, passionate fans all over the place, not corporate clients there for just an evening out. I'd like you to stay in Oakland or somewhere close to your current location, but if you move, Pier 30-32 would be a great spot to relocate because of it's proximity to BART and potential for Ferry service. 

Replace Bob Fitzgerald with Greg Papa. I can't stand listening to Fitz. Barnett is awesome.

Develop a mascot - something along these lines...

Finally (for now), LOSE THE NEXT TWO GAMES!!!!

I really appreciate your willingness to spend money to bring in talent (buying draft picks, controlling your own D-League team, taking on big contracts but with timely expirations, etc.) It really shows you care, and the die hard fans respect that. Keep up the good work and don't let your critics allow your passion for the Warriors to wane. YES! YES! YES!

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